Sep 29, 2008

The Best Investment We Can Make in Our Writing?

by Joyce DiPastena

While eating my breakfast before Church on Sunday, I read a General Conference talk in the May 2008 Ensign by Elder Sheldon F. Child entitled, “The Best Investment”. He related how, as a young boy, after his first experience with paying tithing, his mother expressed her pride in his obedience to this commandment, then added, “Your grandfather always told us children that if we would faithfully pay an honest tithing, the Lord would bless us and it would be the best investment that we could ever make.”

I think few of us who pay our tithing faithfully would argue that, indeed, the keeping of this commandment is “the best investment” we can make in both our financial and spiritual well-being.

As I pondered Elder Sheldon’s talk, I reflected on my current impasse with finding writing time in my life. Which led me in turn to reflect on the ten-percent principle. What if, I wondered, I looked at all the waking hours of my day and decided to try to “tithe them” towards my writing talent? One tenth of my daily or weekly time devoted to researching, studying, or actively writing? Yes, that would likely involve budgeting, but so does the ability to pay one’s tithing. I might have to cut out some “frills”…TV time, internet time. For some reason, tithing my income feels much easier for me than attempting to tithe my time. Yet I realize that doing so would likely be one of the best investments I could make in whatever writing talent the Lord has given me.

Now the question is…can I do it? Will I do it? When my turn to blog rolls around again two weeks from today, I’ll let you know!


  1. Well-said, Joyce. It reminds me of the lesson given at our chapter meeting last week. Lorelei was teaching us some life skills that she learned at a conference and part of it was to take 10% more responsibilty for our lives--to look at each aspect of our life, specifically at what is not working and say, What can I do...what 10% more can I give to make this work better. If I worked even 10% more each day on writing, what a difference that would make. Okay, maybe it's not exactly the same thing, but they both relate to taking action to make writing a daily part of our lives.

  2. You know, this sounds like something I could do. If you break it down to a normal job, it's 4 hours a week. Surely I can find time for that. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Good idea, Joyce. BTW, great job, posting those videos on YourLDSNeighborhood & Friends.

  4. Glad you liked them, Liz. I LOVE the Mom Song. LOL!


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