Sep 19, 2008


By Rebecca Talley

We live in a rural area so we depend on a well water to run our home. Our water is extremely hard and as a result our plumbing takes a beating. We've had problems with the plumbing fixtures in our bathroom for a while and decided it was time to replace them. Unfortunately, the plumber that installed our shower system didn't use universal parts. We realized we couldn't replace the shower head, tub spout, and handle without either 1) removing the entire bath unit or 2) making a hole in the wall behind the bathroom. We chose number 2.

My husband has been working hard to replace the hardware. As soon as that's finished, we'll be doing some tiling. I'm confident the bathroom will look much nicer and the plumbing will work properly when we're done and I'll have a tub spout again!

As I've thought about our bathroom, getting rid of the old plumbing and putting in the new, it made me think about remodeling myself. What old things about me do I need to get rid of and replace with something new that actually works?

I have the world's worst first reactions to things. My kids always have to preface something they know I won't like with, "Now, Mom, don't freak out." I'd love to replace my tendency to "freak out" with a calmer, more productive reaction. I've found that if I walk away and take a few minutes, I can usually have a better reaction to something. I just need to implement that more often.

I'd love to replace my old, been-with-me-forever, rebellious attitude. My rebellious nature served me well as I grew up with anti-Mormon sentiments in my home, but now my tendency to do the opposite of what I'm asked or never allow anyone to tell me what to do, doesn't serve me so well. I'd love to replace my rebellious attitude with a softer, more willing heart. I'm better than I used to be, but still have such a long way to go. Perhaps, if I live to be 240 I might finish remodeling that part of me.

I can say that I'm currently in a long remodeling stage of biting my tongue and censoring myself better. I've been known to say whatever pops into my head, but I've gotten better over the years and can usually keep things to myself. I have some very strong opinions. In the past, I believed everyone was entitled to hear my opinions, but I now realize that isn't such an endearing quality. On occasion, though, I do falter and "tell it like it is."

If only remodeling myself could be as easy as the bathroom. If only I could just throw out the old stuff without another thought. I suppose, though, I wouldn't learn as much if it were so easy. Just as my home will need continual remodeling, so will I. In the end, both the house and I will be better for it.


  1. great analogy, Rebecca! But I think you are too hard on yourself! Good luck with your remodel projects...I'm looking at few myself...both on the house and personally.

  2. I'm ROFTL because you just described me. My streak of independence has served me well in some ways, not so much in others. And while I can keep my tongue from sprouting the words, I sure can't keep the thoughts from being entertained. Good luck. I'll be working on that too.


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