Sep 24, 2008

My Birthday Party

by Anna Arnett

Grandma’s Birthday Flower Bouquet
August 30, 2008

For my 84th birthday, most of my adult posterity brought good food to share, after which each in turn presented me with a silk flower, telling me why they chose that particular kind. I would have posted a picture of the bouquet on this blog a couple of weeks ago if I had only known how to do it. Sue took notes and transcribed them for me. Now I’m passing it along to you. In the off chance any of you want to know who is who, all seven of my children were here: Marolyn, Wayne, Kat(hleen), Paul, David, Karlene, and Mark. That’s the order of their birth. The grandchildren who came gave flowers right after their parents.

Mark & Camille – This flower was planted in good soil, grew, bloomed and faded gently like you. Grandma has bloomed, flourished and nourished all of us. We chose a purple flower because it is bright & vivacious just like you. There are little flowers next to it, which are all of us trying to be like her.

Karlene & Jasen – This flower is pink because Mom looks hot in pink and it is her favorite color along with turquoise and black. It looks like a pom-pom and so it reminds me of Mom because she is my biggest cheer -leader. It looks like a friendship flower too. She is my best friend.

David – I chose the Bird of Paradise flower because it was the most unique flower I could find and Mom is very unique. The meaning of the flower is magnificence and Mom is magnificent. I got a yellow flower because it starts with the letter Y and why am I doing this silly thing? - because Marolyn and Karlene made me.

Paul – I got a huckleberry because they are from Idaho and Mom used to pick them every summer. Her mom made the best huckleberry pie.

Kat & Jerry – I picked a red poinsettia for Mom because she loves Christmas and always buys poinsettias for the Holidays.

Eileen & Ryan – I’m giving Grandma an Easter lily because it stands for Heavenly to be with you, and purity. I know that every Easter Grandma would buy a pot of Easter lilies and so Easter and Easter lilies remind me of her.

Jacob & Diane– Baby’s breath is for Grandma because it means everlasting love. Their (Grandma & Grandpa’s) everlasting love inspires all of the rest of our family’s relationships.

Lisa & Heath – I picked a lavender iris for Grandma, because it stands for faith, hope, wisdom and valor which all describe her.

Greg & Brittany – The sunflower is for Grandma because it is a happy flower. It also reminds us of the country and Grandma is a country girl. Additionally the sunflower follows the sun like Grandma follows the son, our Savior.

Steve & Kiera – This yellow daisey is happy and cheerful just like Grandma always has a smiley face.

Wayne, Sue, Mitch & Angela – We picked a pink peony because Mom loves peonies and they represent a happy marriage, happy life, warmth and adoration. She and Dad have had a wonderfully happy marriage, & life and we feel such warmth and adoration for them. “We adore you!” Grandma’s grandma carried peony bulbs clear across the plains to Utah and they always bloomed just in time for Memorial Day.

Celeste & Ryan – I picked a white carnation. Grandma added that carnations last longer than any other flower like an energizer bunny. Grandma has lasted a long time. I wanted to pick a white flower because the thought came to me of the temple. I am so happy that I get to be with Grandma and Grandpa forever because they were married in the temple.

Doug & Maryjane – We picked a purple iris for Grandma because of her faith, hope and wisdom, which are represented in an iris. We thought it was perfect. You give an iris to someone who you have great admiration for and Maryjane & I have great admiration for Grandma.

Will & Traci - Will picked a sunflower for Grandma because of her sunny disposition and because she is so fun to be around. Traci gave her a daisy. Daisies represent innocence . Grandma still radiates childlike innocence. Daisies also represent loyalty. She is loyal to family and church.

James & Emily – A carnation was picked because it represents pure love, innocence and purity and these are three of the many wonderful traits of Grandma.

Brian & Amanda – We picked a gladiola for Grandma because she is always glad of heart and we are so glad that she is our Grandma.

Marolyn & Milan – We love the way you are so good and that you work at it…keeping the commandments and seeing the good in others. “Mom, you are the best and most pure woman I know.” We chose this white peony because it represents your pure heart.

Christopher & Cheryl– On the Arnett website quiz both Grandma and I (Cheryl) were sunflowers and I was so excited because I want to be like grandma more than everything. Wherever Grandma is, she is happy. Sunflowers can grow and thrive anywhere. They bloom where they are planted. Grandma is like a sunflower. Christopher adds that unlike the sunflower, everything revolves around grandma.

Kristen & Rob – I love that Grandma is sassy. I loved it when she said she was sick of sharing her birthday with Charles. “Grandma, I love you and I hope one day I can be like you. I want to be sassy, cute and lovable like you.” The yellow flower represents the sunshine you bring to everyone.

Stephanie & Dave – I love that Grandma is a wonderful grandma and great grandma to her children. “Grandma, you always make me smile.” I chose the blue flowers because blue is calming just like you.

Staci & John – I love how Grandma is always happy and that she is extremely intelligent. “Grandma, my highest ambition is to be just like you when I grow up.” I chose the red flower because it represents power and your traits are powerful.

Grandma’s message for her posterity – I am overwhelmed by all these well-chosen, beautiful, silk flowers, by your love, and your glowing compliments. Since the scriptures tell us that we become what we think in our hearts, I know that only our thoughts limit us. Therefore, we can be whatever we believe we can be. So, keep happy thoughts. That’s what keeps me going. After all, there’s nothing so thin that it doesn’t have at least two sides. My heart-felt message for you is to choose well which side you’ll concentrate on -- and never forget that I love you.


  1. What a lovely idea. I think I'll borrow it for my mom's birthday.

  2. Oh Anna!
    I'm not even related to you and I want to grow up to be just like you! What a great posterity you have! wow!

    I love happy thoughts...and knowing that only our thoughts limit us. Thanks for the great reminder.


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