Sep 16, 2008

Powerful Prayer

by Terri Wagner

This Sunday I have to give a 10-minute talk on the power of prayer. As always, the topic assigned seems to mean more to the person giving the talk than those who are hearing it. Our small branch finally has a small building, and the dedication is this Sunday, hence the short talk. That's actually easy for me. It was drilled into me by my college speech professor that if the speech is 10 minutes, that's what you talk, give or take a few seconds.

I decided to do something out of the norm for me and tell of the prayer that eventually led me to the church. I say prayer because although it was spread out over many months, it was essentially one prayer. Heavenly Father not only answered that rather long prayer when I was 13 but gave me a bit of knowledge that caused me to search out the church that believed what I believed…I did not really know then that it was true doctrine, it was just something I had come to know.

It occurred to me as I was rehearsing my talk (yes, speech class drilled that into me as well [out loud]), that I don’t often pray with the intensity and fervor that I did then. Because I wanted my prayer answered, I was also very strict about praying over everything, a habit I’m afraid I’ve let slip.

So here’s my vow. I will pray every day for writing opportunities to come my way and then follow through, even if it’s at midnight!!! That way something everyday worth reading will get written. I know the power of prayer, and ashamed to admit, I’ve been neglecting it. Powerful prayer is a gift of the Spirit and as with all gifts, if we fail to use it, we will lose it.


  1. You will do very well with your talk, Terri. My wife, secretary for our ward's primary presidency, had to give a talk about three weeks ago; which is something she never likes doing, but she did fine. You will, too. As this blog says, it may have been the Writing on the Wall because last week the primary presidency was released and a new one was called to serve.

    Anyway, good luck with your talk.

    Charlie Moore, Idaho

  2. Ooops, I referenced the wrong blog. I had just finished reading from that blog. I apologize.


  3. Oh how I wish I could be there to hear your talk, Terri! I would love to hear about your conversion...and your testimony of prayer. Perhaps one day you can share it with me!

  4. I'm sure your talk will be wonderful!

  5. Nice job with your message. I've never thought to pray for "writing opportunities" before. Good idea.


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