Oct 18, 2008

Are Politics Important?

by Margaret Turley

http://www.livescience.com/culture/081015-political-news.html This is the URL of a recent story titled "Americans Flunk Simple 3-Question Political Survey". I read it on-line and felt sad that I fell in the flunk catagory myself. I thought I was pretty well informed because I listen to NPR and have listened to the recent presidential debates. When I saw the correct answers I told myself - oh yeah, I knew that - but somehow I couldn't pull it out of my hat at the moment.

I have received e-mail from family and acquaintences that share their views on various issues. This is one way to become active. One thing I caution about is not to blindly send things forward, unless you know for sure that the "facts" are true. Participating in mud slinging doesn't do anyone any good.

With the general presidential elections only a couple of weeks away, I decided we (that includes me, myself and I) need to prepare to vote. This election may very well be the most important one in recent history. In our state we have the issue of Marriage Protection, and like everyone else in the world we all have the economy glaring us in the face. Whether we are Republican, Democrat, Independant or belong to another party, we need to let our voices be heard - and our voice needs to be informed. So I have decided I will do all the research I possibly can on our candidates, and all of the referendums that will be on this ballot, so that I don't mistakenly vote for the wrong person or item.

Our church has always stayed politically neutral - but that doesn't mean they don't want us to participate. In fact they encouraged us to register to vote and in the past have encouraged us to take an active part in our communities. Using prayer and personal revelation we can make wise decisions - ones that will influence the future for our children and grandchildren. Let us make the time to be politically active and savy for the sake of our family, our God Blessed Country, and the hope of the free world.


  1. How true, Margaret. I hate to admit it, but I'm one who didn't do my own research. I merely asked my husband what was going on, and made my vote more or less accordingly, Now, I feel I have to know for myself.

    I've worked at the polls for several years, and not always at my own polling place. This year, again, I'm working elsewhere and must vote absentee. Of course I can wait until election day and drop my vote in the locked container where I work. And I probably will. It will be so busy (I hope) that I won't have time to mark it then. So -- it's time to get busy.

    When we were in Australia ('88-'89) a registered voter who didn't vote got fined $25.00. A friend working at the polls was too busy to vote before it closed--and was fined accordingly. Maybe if we pretended we'd be fined--better still, if we talk ourselves into really caring--we'd do much better. Thanks for the reminder, Margaret.

  2. I'm a political junkie myself so the questions were quite easy for me. I have very politically minded family whose very military oriented so voting has been a big issue for us. We alwyas check out the facts and still end up voting differently. Although I won't be specific, oddly enough, for the first time since I can remember, we are all on the same page at least nationally.

  3. Good advice, Margaret, and well said. I've been trying to be more proactive about obtaining reliable information on the candidates and the issues. My hubby does detailed research, but it's time for me to get my head out of the sand rather than just blindly follow.


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