Oct 27, 2008

A Poem for Halloween

shared by Joyce DiPastena

Strange Tree
by Elizabeth Madox Roberts

Away beyond the Jarboe house
I saw a different kind of tree.
Its trunk was old and large and bent,
And I could feel it look at me.

The road was going on and on
Beyond to reach some other place.
I saw a tree that looked at me,
And yet it did not have a face.

It looked at me with all its limbs;
It looked at me with all its bark.
The yellow wrinkles on its sides
Were bent and dark.

And then I ran to get away,
But when I stopped and turned to see,
The tree was bending to the side
And leaning out to look at me.

(From Silver Pennies: A Collection of Modern Poems for Boys and Girls, by Blanche Jennings Thompson)

Have a Happy Halloween!


  1. Thanks for the Halloween treat, Joyce.cute poem..I like the Jack O'Lantern goblin, too!

  2. Too cute. I always liked Halloween.

  3. I wish I could write poetry. Guess that's why I write novels, I can't say anything in just a few words. (except for this comment!)


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