Oct 10, 2008

It's Still Friday!!

Last week I had good intentions of blogging, until I ended up with 4 extra kids for the weekend (bringing our total for three days to 11).
It's really not as daunting as it sounds to have multiple children other than our own here, especially when they all have a friend near their age, in fact, sometimes, the children occupy each other better when they do have friend over.
However, I did lose sight of the fact that I needed to blog...well into the late hours of Sunday night.

Today started out a little harried.
I knew I needed to make another trip to the elementary school today to discuss my son's IEP (That's an Individualized Education Plan for those who haven't been exposed the educational slang...and it's to ensure his needs are being met in a way that are inclusive and appropriate for his disability) but needed to wait for a phone call from the Special Ed. teacher who would inform me when the Teacher for the Visually Impaired (TVI) had arrived.
I did my morning run of dropping older kids at the Jr. high, younger kids at the elementary school, and headed home.
I knew I needed to hurry and get a few chores finished (if anything was going to get done today), before the phone call happened, but also knew I needed to gather some books and treats for my 1 year old and 3 year old to use during this meeting.
A diaper change, a phone call, and a trip to the bathroom intercepted those plans and before I knew it, the Special Ed teacher was calling to tell me to head into the school.
I quickly gathered a few "new" distractions and swept them into the diaper bag for my boys and headed to the school...hoping the meeting would be productive.

I left an hour and 15 minutes later, having met with 2 teachers and not really getting any more answers than I had yesterday.
I did fill in an order form (which I dropped of a month ago) for supplemental materials for my Thomas, so I don't feel that the meeting was a complete waste.

By the time I reached home, I needed to make some business phone calls, make lunch for myself and the boys, put the boys down for a nap, and take a nap myself due to lagging energy and a slight headache.

After my hour long nap (which was just what I needed), I made a couple more phone calls, finalized some details for a trip I am taking at the end of October, ran to first pick up little kids and then big kids from the bus stop, came home, ran the budget numbers with my husband (ugh.), got a healthy snack, headed out for an hour long ballroom dancing class (tonight was the last night...how sad), went to a late, light dinner with my husband, and came home to finish some projects to sell at our local scrapbooking store. As I checked my e-mail before heading into my craft room, I remembered that today was my day to blog.

So, here's my post.
It's still Friday.
I am a crazy, busy mom of many, looking for opportunities to better myself and help my family.
Some days are a little insane, some are more calm...but if I remember the most important things daily, (breathe, pray, smile, hug, read, write, create), I count that day a success.
Today I did those things, therefore, today, in my book, is a success.


  1. Hurrah for you, Kristine! You did have a successful day. Thanks for sharing it with us and reminding us of the most important things. Sometimes I look back at the times when we have had as many as 12 children living in our home at once and I wonder what I do with my time now that there are only 3 left at home. I am just as busy...if not busier...and finding joy in the challenges.

  2. Wow, Kristine, that does sound like a crazy day. Two weeks ago, I had 16 kids for the weekend and though it was a little crazy, it was all good. Might as well enjoy the journey.

    I hope your son's IEP went well.

  3. Good for you. That was busier than one of my days at work. Wow.

  4. Yep, days get filled up, crazy, exhausting, and all that. I could say, "been there, done that, and lived through it." Different, but the bottom line is, each of us has exactly the same number of hours and minutes, even seconds, in every day we live. And we fill every one of them with something or other. The challenge -- and the fun-- comes from not only what we choose to do, but how we react. I've found I'm always about as happy as I make up my mind to be.

    Keep on plugging.


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