Dec 7, 2008

An ANWA Christmas Limerick

By Liz Adair

I’m working on some Christmas limericks for our family Christmas dinner. I bought a package of those blank jigsaw puzzles last year to use for seminary, but now that I’m not teaching any more, they’re sitting alone and unused on a shelf in my office. I decided to write a poem about each member of the family on a puzzle, take it apart, and put it in a small, wrapped box for a place card at the table. Before dinner, each must put his puzzle together and read the poem.

I got so in the limerick groove that I thought I might try my hand at an ANWA limerick. Here ‘tis.

Merry Christmas to my favorite group.
I love to converse on the loop
With writers all female
Via my email
For all the literary scoop

Anyone else want to try? I’d love to see what you come up with. Just post it as a comment so all can enjoy.

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful ANWA sisters of mine.


  1. I once met a writer name Liz
    Whose prose were the best in the biz
    She put us to shame
    With her limerick game
    See? I can't guess what this last line is...

  2. I joined a group called ANWA
    The best group you ever saw
    There is many a lady
    Though none are too shady
    To improve our writing is the law.

    You know, this might be a fun challenge to add to the next ANWA Newsletter.

  3. It is nice to know that people still write limericks as I do. Keep it up.

    Paul Venier

  4. Thanks for those clever limericks, Cindy and Christine.

    And...I checked out Paul Venier's web site. He's a comedian, and has published a book of limericks. Don't know that it would fit the VLGRP profile, but it was nice for him to drop by and comment.

  5. I wish I were talented enough to write limericks, but I can't rhyme to save my life. I certainly enjoyed all the ones I read here, though! You ladies are so talented, you put me to shame. (But an enjoyable shame, as long as you still let me hang out with you.)


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