Dec 14, 2008

Following Christ

by Marsha Ward

A few days ago I received a lovely Christmas card from a dear friend. In it she asked me to "Have a very happy and special Christmas. You should--you follow Christ."

Her words touched me deeply. I have always been a follower of Christ, even before I really knew what that meant, because I was what used to be called a sober child--one who thought deeply, observed, and tried very hard to be good.

Following Jesus Christ is important to me. He is my Savior and Redeemer. He has atoned for the sins of all who have lived upon the earth, including me. He is the Life, the Light, the Way into Eternal Life and Exaltation. I can only be so good in this life. I sin like any other mortal. My good works are incomplete, lacking in scope, falling short of perfection. Only by the grace of Jesus Christ will I ever be complete and able to be in the presence of my Father in Heaven again.

What I want to focus upon during this season of the year is following Christ and his example, giving what I can to others, and letting my family members know I love them.


  1. Yes Marsha being a follower of Christ is the most important and the least best at job we do as members of the church. I too have had experiences where others have said well if you aren't going to heaven, I've got no hope. But the reality is where much is given much is expected. And I know I have been given much.

  2. Beautifully put, Marsha. I, too, strive to be a better follower of Christ.

  3. I love you, Marsha! I,too, am learning and growing and searching out what is best as I try to get to know our Savior and become more like him. Thanks for bearing such a beautiful testimony and reflecting his light to us.

  4. Thank you, Marsha. You always seem to reflect the light of Christ. And it must have been His inspiration when you founded ANWA. Thanks again.

    Even before I read your message, I found myself filling in an empty space on a Christmas card with, "May your days be merry and bright" and thought how empty those words could be, so I added, "Because you follow The Light."


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