Dec 5, 2008


By Kristine John

My post will be short today.
Our family is moving from Silver City, NM to Queen Creek, AZ.
The last month has been a bit harried (although I'm coming to believe I'll always be at least a bit harried).

Mid-October I was called as our ward Relief Society President.
I spent the next two weeks praying, pondering and poring over names as I was guided to choose counselors to serve with me in the Relief Society Presidency.

At the beginning of November, my husband received an unsolicted e-mail asking for him if he was interested in a job.
He contacted the company and had an interview lined up within the week.
Two days after his interview, he was offered a job, and having fasted and prayed about it over the weekend, we knew it was the right move for our family.

So now I sit here, 3 weeks from a move, soon to be released from my *long* stint (3 months on Sunday) as RSP, contemplating where my nearest ANWA group will be so that I can start planning to attend a chapter meeting.

Am I slightly insane?
Or just happily guided by the Lord?


  1. Oh I'd say you are being happily guided by the Lord, Kristine. Ajob change and a move are big decisions.Congratulations to you and your husband on the job. They are difficult to come by in AZ! My hubby had to take one in SLC and I envy your ability to relocate so quickly. Best of everything to you!

  2. If there was a time to move it is now. Housing has taken a big hit here and prices are lower than they've been in years. Fortuitous timing? Yes and Yes. The Lord knows exactly what we need. Hope your move is smooth.

  3. I hope only the best. I was called as YW's pres and felt inspired to move. If you follow what you feel is right, you can never go wrong in the end.

    Best of luck.

  4. Keep the Skyline Scribblers chapter in mind--I'm thinking you may be in our boundaries--we have a couple of Queen Creekers. My phone number is 480-354-8603.


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