Dec 28, 2008

Here Comes 2009!

by Marsha Ward

As the end of each year approaches, we of the blog team gather in a huddle to see who needs to move on to other endeavors. We don't force anyone out, but we acknowledge the changing seasons of life in our team members. In fact, we do this in the middle of the year, too (or any time a member has Life Happen).

And so, we will be saying goodbye to five members of the team: Liz Adair (as she has already announced), Faith St. Clair, Rebecca Talley, Margaret Turley, and Rene Allen. I thank them for all the words, feelings, and insights they've shared during their time with us.

New team members joining us for 2009 are Shawnette Nielson, Sarah Albrecht, Cindy R. Williams, Marielle Carlisle and Stacy Johnson.

I'm looking forward to a 2009 full of blessings and outstanding blog posts. I'm sure our new team members are excited by this opportunity, as well and I hope you will enjoy their posts.

(Edited to add my byline)


  1. Dear Marsha:

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn how to blog and participate in your ANWA founder and friends blog. It has been fun, I've learned a lot, and hope that the new members will enjoy the experience as much as I did.

    Happy New Year! On to new endeavors and goals.

  2. I want to thank Faith, Rebecca, Margaret and Rene for their wonderful posts. I'll miss them and hope all goes well with you in 2009. I also want to welcome Shawnette, Sarah, Cindy, Marielle and Stacy as fellow bloggers.

  3. What a treat this has been. And what a treat it will be to read from our new bloggers. "Onward and upward . . ." Happy New YEar to all, Rene

  4. I feel quite selfish in keeping on with my often inane blogging, but it's so challenging and fun that I can't quite give it up -- yet. I'll miss the ones leaving, and look forward to the new posts.

    And, Marsha, it's a warm, cozy, fuzzy, joy to note that you're so like me that you forgot to put your by-line at the top of your blog. Makes me love you even more. Thanks for everything.

  5. Like Anna, I feel a little selfish for not giving up my spot just yet...I love reading everyone's posts...I always find enlightenment here...but I also appreciate the challenge to write something every two weeks! Thank you, Marsha for the opportunity. dues should arrive in the mail within the next week...sorry...I forgot to send them before I left town!


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