Dec 19, 2008


By Kristine John

Tonight, I feel peace.
Although my life has been more chaotic this week than most weeks, I feel more peace and serenity than I have in a long time.

It's not the circumstances of my life.
In just this past week, we finally got a signed contract on our new house in AZ, I fulfilled my calling (RSP) to the best of my ability, one of my best friends passed away, and I withdrew my children from our wonderful schools.
Add to that a mild stomach flu that is going the rounds through our family, and it should be a week when I've created at least a couple of bald spots on my head from pulling my hair out.

However, along with the added responsibility my calling has added, I have also received a measure of clarity and understanding of God's awareness of each of us.
He knows us.
He knows our names, our fears, our struggles, and He desires to bless us.
We just need to turn to Him...daily, hourly, each minute if needed, and He will help carry the burdens we have been given.
How I love my Savior, and our Heavenly Father.
They carry me when the burdens are full and heavy...and they truly make the burdens light.
They give peace.
What more do we need?


  1. Thank you, Kristine, for reminding me that I can turn my fear of icy roads over to my best friends and they will buoy me up and keep me safe.

  2. Beautiful post, Kristine! It is a wonderful feeling to have that peace in our lives. What a wonderful time we live in!

  3. Yep, we live in the best of times, but also the worst of times. It's great to have the stability of knowing how loved we are. What would we do without our God, our religion, our freedom, our peace, our familites, our friends, our work, our leisure, our talents, our challenges; it's enough to get us up and going each day. Hooray!

  4. On Dec 19th, my niece was sealed in the Baton Rouge temple. There is nothing like the temple to give you peace and serenity and the ability to deal with what is after all a temporal world. I agree with you...whenever your peace comes from, it is certainly appreciated.


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