Sep 19, 2009

Writing World

by Cindy R. Williams

I think I may be going crazy. I enter into my writing world, then forget to leave. I'm not even sure I want to leave anymore, nor where the door is. Anyone hear of how Edgar Allen Poe used Opium to write? No, I don't use Opium but sometimes I feel that I'm just as loopy or way out there and it is ever so hard to come back to the real world.

I'm not very poetic. In fact, I'm pathetic.
But still I try, so laugh or cry.
It's time for bed before I fall over dead. 
My eyes are glazed, and I am amazed
That my fingers can write any more tonight.
I live in my dreams or so it seems.
I see pink roses and ten twizzled toeses.
I'm losing it I fear, but the end is near.
I just keep writing though shadows are biting.
And here I remain no matter how insane.
I have been captured, and my brain has fractured.
I continue to create and think it is great.
I'm a writing slave, but, do I want to be saved?

Am I alone? Anyone else lost in your writing world? Oh, and one last thing, my humble apologies to those of you with the gift of poetry.


  1. I love my world, even though there are no ten twizzled toeses in it. My problem is not coming out of it--it is putting myself into it. I need to spend MORE time there so I can get the book done.

  2. Good luck finding MORE time to get the book done. That is why I write so late into the night. It really does let the creative brain take over because the logical brain just goes to sleep.

  3. I don't get lost enough these days. Too much of the other stuff crowding in. Instead of writing with my IM partner, I find myself doing mindless online games when I'm supposed to be writing. Don't know what's wrong.

  4. Terri, do a funny dance and shake all over then tell yourself to write something that excites you. I bribe myself, and work on my have to so many words, then I reward myself spending some time on something that lights a fire.

  5. Love the poem and the thoughts, Cindy. I just saw that movie, Julie/Julia...or whatever it's called. didn't like the language, but was inspired by the writer aspect of the story. I'm ready to get lost in that world! thanks for the prompt!


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