Sep 2, 2009

Comments, anyone?

by Marielle Carlisle

Every time I post on this blog, I check back about 20 times that day to see if anyone has commented on my post.

I'm almost giddy with anticipation. Did someone think I was funny? Does anyone agree with my ideas? Am I such a brilliant writer that the masses flock to view whatever words of wisdom I have divulged?

Most times I get the customary 3 or 4 comments. One time I got 9, which is my personal best.

And my worst? 1. It was supposed to be 0, but sweet Terri Wagner commented on it 5 days after I had put it up. I think I got a sympathy comment. Bless you Terri.

I thought it would be interesting to see which post had the highest number of comments on it. The winner:

Joyce Di Pastena with a whooping 19 comments for Dante and the Book of Mormon!

There were actually two posts that had 0 comments (here and here). They technically weren't posts but more like informative updates, so I'm not counting them. Of the 874 posts on this blog, not a single one has been un-commented. I think that's awesome.

Is it bad to care about what other people think? Should I just post whatever I've got to say and then be on with my merry life?

When I don't get a lot of comments, I think "is it me? Am I having an off day?" Perhaps what I have to say isn't very comment-able.

When the tables are turned, I guess I'm not contributing as much as I should. I love reading the daily updates, but most times I 'read and proceed,' not 'peruse and muse.'

Sometimes I feel like what I have to say has already been said, or will eventually be said. But since I'm beyond thrilled when people comment on what I've written, me thinks I should start sharing my thoughts on other people's posts.

Let the commenting commence!

(And yes, I will be checking back 20 times today to see what comments people leave about my comments post)


  1. Wow, Marielle, I'd completely forgotten that I'd written that post. It did stir up an interesting comment discussion, didn't it? Too bad I can't write blogs like that more often! I usually come in around the 1-3 comment average for my blog posts, too. (And look, I get to be the first person to leave you a comment! That's because it's 12:30 AM and I'm still not in bed!)

  2. No Marielle it wasn't a sympathy comment ha. Sometimes I can't get to the site every day so it takes me a while to catch up. Just so you know. I don't think you are alone...we always want to know what people think. As a magazine writer, I use feedback as a way to gauge if the topics are resonating. If there are no comments, it's not reaching anyone.

  3. Back in the day when I was an energetic college student nimbly making my way down the enormous staircase in the Tanner Building at BYU and enthusastically taking my seat in "BusComm 10-something or other" I learned something very, very interesting. In the world of business and in the realm of communications, the phrase "no news is good news" becomes a mantra to live by.
    The assumption is that for every negative response to a product,business,etc. there are a minimum of 10 people with positive experiences. Similarly, for every positive response that they actually hear about, there are assumed to be 10 people who also had a positive experience but were too lazy/shy/busy to actually say something.
    So... even if you don't get a lot of responses, you can safely assume it isn't "you." Tell yourself that every comment represents 10 people who enjoyed reading your blog post.
    (And now you know why CEOs are generally such self-assured people - well, that and the 6-figure paychecks.)

  4. Good point, Sarah. So let's all multiply the number of comments we get by 10 and then we will feel so validated! (Seriously, I don't know where we got our self esteem before blogging! :D Ha, ha!)

    Well, here's my comment contribution, Marielle. Hope you surpass 19!!!

  5. Oh, and while everyone is getting comment-happy, you can go comment on my blog at

    No, I didn't post something new today..yet. If I come up with something intelligent I will. The old posts are great, too, though. ;)

  6. Great job Marielle! You expressed so eloquently what many of us have thought. lol...I check every day for about a week..then I give up hoping someone will comment. I like Sarah's take on it!

  7. I do the exact same thing! I'm on the computer for about three hours every day, and in that three house, I check half an hour to see if anyone left a comment. It's so exciting when I see that someone did!

  8. If I read a post a week or so after it's been posted, then I often don't leave a comment, because I assume the author will no longer be going back to look for them. When I looked at my post with the 19 comments last night, I realized I'd never read half of them because so many were posted so long after I posted the blog and I'd long since given up going back to check! So I do think a lot of us simply don't comment because we don't always get a chance to read all the blogs in a "timely" manner. It has nothing to do with how much we enjoyed a blog or not.

  9. Hmmm...let's think about this. Why did I come to the ANWA blog today? To check my comment section on my blog post that posted on Saturday. I'm with Joyce...I give up checking after about a week, and so I am sure there are missed comments at some time. You completely and totally described me with your post. I think we all love the "instant gratification" that comes with knowing how our readers felt when reading our words. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  10. Since agent Nathan Bransford proclaimed this week as Writer Appreciation Week, let's each go post a comment or two on someone's blog post today. I wouldn't mind if it were mine, heh-heh!

  11. Here is comment number 11 I think. You are on your way to the record. I am with you Sarah. Think each comment is really 10 good thoughts on your blog. I think you hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I will ask for everyone's opinion. This brings more comments, plus it is fun to see what everyone thinks. I will check back to see if you topple the leader at 19.

  12. Comments are a big deal and I have to admit that Terry and Kari are the best at leaving them. Thank you.

  13. Lovin' all the comments! Does it count when the author leaves a comment on her own post?

  14. Sure why not? Had to look today to see where you were at. 14 comments. You are getting close the magic number 19.

  15. C'mon everyone! Help Marielle's post set a record for most posts!

  16. Checking my email this morning, and just had to take a peek at where you are in the comment . . . dare I say contest? I beleive you are now at 15. Pretty sweet!


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