Sep 7, 2009

Football and priorities

By Stacy Johnson
I recently went t my ANWA meeting where I gave a little spiritual thought about making sure we are taking care of priorities in our life. It has been on my mind since I signed up for 11 hours of school thinking I could get away with it because I was pregnant. I really had good intentions of only taking one class next semester since I'll be dealing with a new baby and a toddler, not to mention my other children.
Well, I ended up dropping my math class and I felt just terrible that I wasn't going to be able to do that because well...I just want to be graduated all ready. I was blessed though, at the time I hit that "drop" button on the computer with an overwhelming feeling that it was right and that this class didn't need to be a priority right now. It was causing me undo stress, anxiety and the inability to take care of my children, husband, and home the way I would like to (and the way they would like me to).
What is a priority, is my family. Today proved that to me. I was able to sit and watch my kids play some awesome football. We love all sports, probably more than most families. We are dedicated to allowing our children the opportunity to play sports all year round because we think it is important. We sacrifice much because as you all know, it can be very expensive. My husband and I serve more hours than you can imagine, on the Board of Directors for our football league, in order to get a discount for our children to play.
I left my house bright and early on Saturday morning (6am) to make it to a cross country race in north Scottsdale. Vance is a senior this year and my time left with him is limited. He pulled in 16th place, with a time of 15:55 for three miles. That isn't even the most incredible part, he cut over a minute off his time from last year and he did it in the pouring rain!! I then drove a few more miles north where I was able to enjoy watching my little girls (and their cousin Merrek) be cheerleaders in the pouring rain. It was quite a memory they will have. We looked like wet dogs by the time we left the field.
My other two boys were rained out on Saturday and since today was a holiday, we had makeup games. I'm kinda glad because this way I could be there to watch. It was gorgeous weather today while I watched my 10 year old score a 53 yard touchdown (even though their team lost) and then my 13 year old quarterback, lead his team to a sweet victory of 30-6. Ah, the proud mama. I was glad I was there to witness this...

And to think, I could have stayed home and studied math?!?!?!


  1. Yep Stacy I think you chose the better part...without question.

  2. i love the post It's all worth it...

  3. I've just started back to school, so your thoughts on priorities hit home. Thanks. And beautiful family (:.

  4. Darling pictures and what a good Mama you are!

  5. Good for you Stacy! I've been working on finishing a degree for 9 years I'm getting close. love the post...adore the pictures!


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