Sep 25, 2009

Looking Forward

By Kristine John

Today begins the weekend before my birthday.
It used to be in years past, as my birthday approached, I would set my expectations internally and yet not communicate them verbally.
Without exception, I would end up disappointed with the things that were or were not done for me because they were different than I wanted.

A few years ago, a wise friend took the time to ask me, "Have you told your family not only WHAT you want, but also, specifically HOW you want your birthday to be?"
Of course I had not communicated specifically to my family...I wanted them to just intuitively KNOW me well enough to read my mind.
(Do you think a completely clean house and no contention for an entire day is too difficult to achieve?)
Obviously that didn't work to well for me, although my family is thoughtful and caring, oftentimes, I ended up slightly frustrated because things weren't the way I envisioned them.
(Nice dinner, a meaningful gift, a little time alone with my sweetheart...somehow in the chaos of a large family some of those things get overlooked.)

The interesting lesson I have learned is that we MUST communicate our needs, in every aspect of our lives.
When we have a vision, a desire, for things to be a specific way, we need to make certain we open our mouths and make a difference.
We are each powerful.
Powerful in creation, powerful in voice, and powerful in action.
We must use that voice, that action and create the things we dream...for if we do not, it is likely that no one else can make the contribution that you have been sent here to make.

So, look forward.
Look forward and choose to make a difference in what your future holds.


  1. Well said, Kristine. I have also been guilty of expecting others to read my mind...if they can't notice it, then I 'm not going to ask! I have also learned about the consequences of expectations, and communication....especially communication with our Heavenly

  2. ...sorry hit the send button too soon. I enjoyed you post Kristine. Thank you for saying it so powerfully!

  3. Thanks Kristine. I find I expect my husband to read my mind. You made very strong points. Nice blog.

  4. My problem is that I say what I want and get frustrated when it still doesn't happen. Often our dreams lift reality but don't take it to quite the level we had imagined. I need to focus more on the improvement my encouragement spurred than on the gap between my hopes and what's really going on.

  5. I have to tell you a secert of mine that is still a wonderful laugh to all my friends over the years...I planned my own birthdays. I would decide what I wanted to do and then get everyone involved. People from years past still remember my birthday and say gee I wish you were closer we had so much fun. And you know what planning your own party is as much fun or more than letting someone else do it.


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