Dec 9, 2009

Don't Apologize

by Marielle Carlisle

I just received two rejection letters from publishers this week, and was feeling a bit down, when suddenly in my inbox I got my weekly letter from Hope Clark. She provides free emails with quotes and info on the Writing and Publishing world. Her words of inspiration touched me so much that I knew I had to spread them to my ANWA ladies.


Do you catch yourself apologizing for being a writer?
Ever downplayed what you do, where you've published,
what you've written?

"I just write for a few small magazines, nothing big."

"I write a little, nothing special."

That lack of self-respect does nothing for your writing.
It can impact it, frankly. If you tell yourself you're
not much you become just that.

Besides, you've invested in your writing. You've penned
stories, whether they were published or not. Consider
the time spent struggling with flow and active voice,
finding markets or the right character name. There was
that time you spend half the night fixing a scene, or
excused yourself from a social event to stay home and
struggle with your plot.

Did all that go to waste? Never apologize for all the
tears you've cried, time you've spent, or passion you've
poured into your work. Don't apologize for being
dedicated, smart, creative, expressive. Don't apologize
for wanting to be alone with your words.

Be assertive, comfortable, and positive about being a
writer. I'm not a big one to brag about being a writer.
However, I'll tell someone in a heartbeat that I have
to go home and work on the novel. It's more exact, more
sure, more assertive. It commands more respect than
simply saying "I'm a writer" which only leads to more
questions you don't care to answer like "what have you
written" and "where have you published?"

Don't be proud of the writer label. Many people profess
to be a writer who aren't. Be proud of your duties,
your deadlines, your responsibilities as a writer.
Not only will your career choice sound more tangible,
but you'll feel obligated to work.

Hope Clark

Included in her email was this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your

There, self-pity party over. Thanks Hope.


  1. Thanks for the website. I'm going to "jog" over there and get some encouragement. Her advice reminds me of giving speeches in college...never apologize in advance.

  2. Positive self-talk is so important!

  3. thanks Marielle! I'll have to go visit there, too! Be positive!...hmmmm sounds familiar!


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