Dec 13, 2009

Waiting for Another Storm

by Marsha Ward

It looks like another big storm will hit the High Country of Arizona this weekend. That could be bad news for me, so I'm going to schedule this blog post early, in case my electricity goes off again.

I'll take the opportunity to welcome a new blogger to our team. Rebecca Irvine will begin posting on Monday, December 21. Rebecca has published a couple of books, but I'll let her tell all that.

I've been working on web pages again this week, hoping to get a few Internet-based things out of the way before the big storm. That means, of course, that I haven't been writing. I'm going to have a couple of pads of paper at hand if I lose power again. I have flashlights and candles ready, so I can write if that happens.

Wish me luck!


  1. There is something about the power going out that makes me want to light candles and snuggle in a warm blanket. I guess it goes back to the big snow storms and blizzards that seemed to hit a couple of times each winter growing up in Utah. Mom, and my sis and brother and I would do just that. We would pile on my parents bed and tell stories. Fun memories. Even now, I love it when the power goes out. Not so much in the hot summer though.

  2. Welcome to Rebecca! I look forward to seeing her posts. good luck with the weather, Marsha. I hope you get the much needed moisture without losing your power or your internet! warm hugs~

  3. So how'd your weather go Marsha? We are still stuck in rain mode down here.


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