Dec 21, 2009

Nice to Meet You

This is my first blog post for ANWA Founder & Friends, so I thought I would introduce myself and share a little about my writing background. Here are my important stats:

Name: Rebecca Spiers Irvine (most close friends and family call me Becky)

Family Situation: Married, three kids, three turtles

Home: Mesa, AZ

Education: MA from BYU

Employment: Market Research Analyst, author/illustrator

Most of my writing skills are steeped in writing questionnaires and analyzing data collected for surveys (i.e., those annoying people who call your home during dinner). I spend my days writing such sentences as, "Three in five residents (60%) of the Southwestern United States mistakenly identify market research calls as telemarketing calls." Over the years I have analyzed data and written reports for numerous nationally known businesses, although a majority of my work now is for one specific Arizona utility.

As an author I have published two non-fiction books, Adventures with the Word of God (a family scripture study aid book) and Family Home Evening Adventures (a book of FHE lessons). To be honest, I did not start out to become an author or publish a book; I was just trying to find a way to more fully engage my children in family scripture study. After some time experimenting with various strategies, and having some success, I decided to see if what I had developed might be worthy of being published. My manuscript was picked up by Horizon, an imprint of Cedar Fort. A year later they also accepted a second manuscript of a similar nature.

I joined ANWA earlier this year in an effort to get support in working on a third manuscript. My new book is much more challenging for me. It is not a set of lessons like my first two books were, although it is still a non-fiction book for the LDS market. My writing skills (as well as my artistic abilities) are being stretched.

I have to admit I often doubt myself as a writer--there are many others out there more talented. But I am diligent and determined to finish what I have started. The challenge of writing well brings too great a blessing to let fall by the wayside.

Feel free to visit my personal blog:


  1. Hi Becky, I'm a technical writer myself although I'm trying to write a novel. It's such a different set of rules. But worth stretching yourself for. And isn't it interesting those of us in the non-fiction field somehow think we are not writers when we really are.

  2. Terri, you are so right. I am doing my best to make my "technical writing" more appealing to my target market--entertainment is much more part of the equation when publishing. Thanks for taking time to comment on my post! Becky

  3. That's awesome that your desire to be a good mom was the path that led you to become published. I will look for Family Home Evening Adventures for my little ones!!

  4. I love your path to published author. There's much I can learn from you.

  5. Welcome to ANWA! You will find many to relate to.

  6. Hmmmm...Let me try this again...
    Welcome Becky! It's so nice to get to know you a bit! Loved reading how you came to be a writer...and like the others, I can relate to your feelings of doubt. Keep writing!
    kari diane

  7. Congrats Rebeeca...I was asked to join Molly Mormon but had to hold on the offer. I plan to do it sometime in 2010. Good Luck.

  8. Becky - I'm so glad you are here and so glad you joined ANWA. As you know, I've been out of the loop somewhat with the new baby's arrival, so I didn't realize you were blogging with us until tonight. Glad we have been friends for so long.


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