Oct 10, 2010

10 Things for 10/10/10

By Cecily Markland

Just a few weeks ago, I had one of those "wake up" moments when I realized yet again that Heavenly Father's ways are not always my ways. You know those times--when you feel you are merrily walking down a solid path, following what you think is inspiration and righteous desires, only to have it all turn to dust under your feet! It's always a little painful to have even your little wishes dashed, to be brought up short, and to be reminded that there may be a different plan for you at this juncture than the one you had in mind. In the midst of my disappointment over the desired outcome in this particular instance, I quipped (more than once, I'm afraid!) "Why don't I learn how to discern in the first place, rather than having to repent and start over so often?" That question has stuck around to ring in my ears over the past few days, but, just as loudly, my heart and soul respond with, "Know this, that all these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good." Ah, of course. It's these challenges that bring experience and experience that brings wisdom. But, wouldn't it be nice to be a wiser woman in the first place and be able to avoid quite so many experiences! Indeed, a wise woman has a strong sense of what it means to "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto thine own understanding." Rather than subjecting herself to what I call "Martin Harris experiences," a wise woman has learned to wait on the Lord and to listen to his voice. A wise woman seeks first the kingdom of God. I intended, today, in the spirit of the date itself (10/10/10) to compose the "Ten Reasons I Write." Instead, in the spirit of my recent awakening and "teaching time," I decided to share, "Ten Things a Wise Woman Will Do." These were shared with me by a great woman...now, if I can only be wise enough to apply them sooner rather than later next time!

1. Seek Jesus Christ through service.
2. Pray regularly.
3. Will not judge.
4. Feel the love of the Lord. (Ponder Isaiah 49:16)
5. Ponder the scriptures.
6. Be grateful.
7. Be teachable.
8. Understand the importance of the temple in her eternal salvation.
9. Follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. (Act quickly!)
10. Recognize her spiritual gifts.
And, one more...11. Cut herself some slack and give herself plenty of room to learn and grow until she truly can demonstrate wisdom in all things!


  1. Yesterday I was told in an off hand way another great SS lesson as usual. And I thought again it's not that hard, just a few rules to follow and practice. So's being a wise woman. You gave me some rules to follow, now it's just practice.

  2. Cecily, thank you for sharing these wise words.I'm sorry you have been facing some unpleasant challenges. I appreciate your example of faith. You are a phenomenal woman. I love this list, too!


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