Oct 15, 2010

More Photos, etc. from the Northwest Writers Retreat

by Tanya Parker Mills

I was all set to blog about the retreat and then Christine beat me to the punch, so I was going to take a different tack (which I'll now address in a couple of weeks)...UNTIL Wendy Jones sent out our great group photos and I finally got a few of my own photos uploaded. I can't help wanting to share.

First, the setting was fabulous, and I know you hear about the rainy northwest all the time
but, believe it or not, on Friday (the second day t
here) we actually had some blinding sun...so much so that in the afternoon, we had to put up poster boards to block the glare coming through the lodge's beautiful view windows, allowing us to better see Janette's presentation on "Writing for the YA Audience." Unfortunately, the only pictures I took of the setting were on Thursday when it was a lot cloudier.

The cabins were not rustic in any way, having been recently remodeled. Each had a small kitchen and living room, a bathroom with either a shower or tub/shower, and a couple of bedrooms. One bedroom had a double or queensize bed and the other had a bunk bed (with great mattresses, I might add). The sofa in the living room made out into another bed, but poor Liz got the short end of the stick on that one, I'm afraid. The mattress in that sofa bed looked more like a hammock, so she ended up sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

The lodge was beautiful, large, and had great kitchen facilities. There's plenty of room for our group to get larger (hint, hint). With 32 ladies, we took up five cabins, I believe (3 on the beach and 2 up near the lodge). There are a lot more cabins we could use next year. For a total of $80, this two-day spiritual feast of writing was well worth it! So mark the weekend after October General Conference of 2011 down now and start arranging your free flyer miles. The Round Tuit ANWA chapter that hosts the event will take care of everything else--including travel to and from the airport. (And if you want to fly Allegiant cheap into Pasco and don't mind a 5-hour drive, I have room for four in my car.)


  1. I had managed to repress the memory of that bed. Curses on you, Tanya Mills, for reminding me.

    But everything else was just so super. I'm still feeling the glow.

    Thanks for the great post.

  2. I'm in ak- hopefully I'll make it to the next one! Sounds (and looks) like everyone had a great time.

  3. Sound like you had a great time. I hope to attend one of these years.

  4. Jolene and Joan, we'd LOVE to have you join us! The more we have, the greater the experience.

  5. That would be so awesome to attend sometime. I'd love to visit my hometown in the Tri-cities and then hitch a ride with you!

  6. I would love to attend. It looks lovely and sounds like a great time.


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