Oct 24, 2010

ANYTHING virtuous

by Cecily Markland

In just a few minutes, I will be speaking to the Young Women and Young Men from a Yuma, AZ, ward. My assignment: the last line of the 13th Article of Faith and how that has been applied in my own life as a writer.

Since my daughter first asked me to participate in this fireside, I've struggled to wrap my head around the two particular words, "anything virtuous." We live in a world where there is much evil. And, even if we aren't doing things that are blatantly wrong, there are many time-wasters that can occupy our time and our thoughts and easily rob us of the pursuit of virtue and beauty. Yet, often the challenge is not in the number of evil or mediocre things to choose from. No, even when we turn away from the more mindless, worldly enticements, we still are not home free, as that's when we face an even greater challenge sometimes.

How is it that we go about deciding just which of those worthwhile efforts and activities we focus on and turn our best efforts to? Tonight I will be sharing the dais with someone who has made music her life work and another speaker who is immersed in drama. I've realized again, as I've considered my remarks, that I truly CAN seek good things in many areas. However, I have chosen to seek many as an observer and an educated fan. I have chosen to support and to encourage others whose talents and abilities are different than mine. At the same time, I have had several experiences that have confirmed to me that I am to write. I recognize that to be a true seeker of what is most lovely and of good report, my quest should be to continually be improving in and sharing those talents and abilities the Lord has blessed me with. I write. Now my quest is to make that writing the most virtuous, beautiful and of good report as possible!


  1. It's tough and true. There are so many good things out there to do I sometimes feel overwhelmed by them. And admittedly sometimes fall for the mundane to get me through the day. Hope it went well.

  2. I am sure your presentation was lovely and of good-report and praiseworthy. I agree with what you said here. and I agree with Terri...it can be overwhelming. I am so glad I have all my friends to help keep me focused.


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