Oct 31, 2010

Don't Forget to Vote

by Marsha Ward
        One of the most precious freedoms we have in our nation is that of the right to choose who will govern us and represent us in our State and National Executive and Legislative offices. All citizens of the United States who have registered to vote have the duty and responsibility to elect sincere and diligent men and women who have pledged to be our voice and look out for our interests.

          I urge you, if you are registered to vote, and if you have not already done so, to vote on Tuesday, November 2, for those who will stand up for the right, and govern according to the precepts of the Constitution.


  1. Ready and waiting. We had a daughter turn 18 last week and she is very disappointed that she can't vote in this election. I am grateful my children recognize the importance and value of this freedom.

  2. I try to search out the best or the least bad but sometimes it is hard to tell and I just pray I and others guess right. At least if I vote I have the right to complain.

  3. Just did and yes Susan I get tired of voting for the least worse instead of being excited to pull the lever although I guess most of us don't pull a lever anymore.


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