Nov 1, 2010

What kind of Leader Are You?

By Stacy Johnson

I'm dealing with a coach right now, who is difficult, to say the least.  I have always had a rule, that I don't complain about the way things are being done, unless I'm willing to step in and lend a hand.  That being said, I have put my heart into this program and still things do not change.  This team fears their coach, they are often belittled, and don't even get me started on how many "injuries" this team has right now. I am seriously at the first point in my life where I have considered pulling my child from a program, it has never been an option before.  Keep in mind, that this team was chosen from a "tryout," meaning, these were supposed to be the most talented kids plucked out to form a team.  This same team is falling apart at the seams, and they have barely progressed since the first time they started working together.

In contrast, I work with another coach who has an amazing ability to draw talent out of kids and ask them to do what they think they cannot.  She gives and gives and gives to her team...and those kids give and give and give, and when the critical hour comes, they are well rewarded for their efforts.  There is an abundance of love and a desire to please that is immeasurable.  These kids come from varied skill levels and nobody who wanted to be on the team was turned away.  They are performing at a level way beyond their actual ability.

So, I have to reflect on my own personal style.  When I yell at my kids to get their jobs done, or finish their homework, or get ready to go, am I doing it the right way?  There is more to this, I've barely scratched the surface.  But for now, the dishes need done and I need to practice my parenting skills.


  1. You are right. Coaches, teachers, bosses, parents, etc.

  2. Actually start with yourself. How do you "talk" at yourself?

  3. Remember when one of President Hinckley's kids said he could never remember his father raising his voice?

  4. Yes. I remember that - it haunts me!!


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