Nov 29, 2010

I blame sick kids

By Stacy Johnson

I missed my last turn and I am sheepishly admitting to pre-dating this post so it looks like I did it on time.  It is the middle of the night and I am upstairs on my kid's computer which has a missing 'n' key, so if you see a typo, assume that is my problem, it is hard to slow down to get that one right.

The babies have been sick for the last month with some sort of virus like a cold sore, but a million of them covering the insides of their mouths.  Just as soon as I think the hard part is over and we are on our way to better health, the baby got a nasty cold.  Now I am up to my eyeballs in baby bugar snot.  I ought to be asleep now, but I just nursed him (again) and I am reflecting on how different my perspective on motherhood has changed in the last 18 years.

I remember some advice someone gave us when we got married and that was not to postpone starting our family until we had enough money or felt like we were "ready."  We jumped in with both feet and I'm so glad we did.  I remember being so tired and wondering when my body would adjust to less sleep.  I'm still waiting.

My oldest came home from church yesterday and announced that he could start working on his mission papers in 5 months.  It is all getting away from me too fast and I'm feeling that same anxiety I had when the nurse put him in my arms for the first time and I wondered if I was ready for this.

In the meantime, I will keep plugging along, doing my best to teach them what they need to know and hoping they will accept what I have taught.  For now, I think I will try and get back to sleep.


  1. Hang in there. It does get better. My mom is now 75 and loves the fact that even her grandkids are old enough to be having babies and she gets to just enjoy it.

  2. Yep, sending them on a mission is like the first day of Kindergarten, only more so. But my stake president told us about a missionary spirit that comes into your home, so you don't miss them so much. He was right.

    Hang in there--it goes fast, but it's a great ride!

  3. It is a great ride! I used to tell myself that one day the kids would be grown and I would be able to stop worrying. Ha! The oldest two are in their 30s...and I worry as much about them and their families as I do about my youngest ones that are still at home. I've learned once a mom...always a mom.

  4. Great description especially the baby booger snot. Sounds like you are doing better than you think.


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