Nov 25, 2010


By Susan G. Haws

I wrote this a few days ago but forgot I hadn’t put it to post automatically.  So of course I remembered it hadn’t posted when I was already late leaving for my Thanksgiving invitation.  Now that I have already eaten way more calories than is seemly, and had a day full of goodness; I am contented and re-vamping my blog. 
I still feel that today is a day for expressing gratitude, resting, and spending time with family and friends.   So I hope that the holiday relived rather than brought stress.  I have worked holidays so I hope that the people that had to go to their jobs today and the people that spent the day in the kitchen, so that others could rest, get time to elevate their feet and take a snooze soon.   This year I am grateful for family, friends, pets, home, health, and so much more.  I appreciate the men and women that have served in the military.  I am also grateful for the people that came before, both my grandparents, etc., and people like the founders of this country both the ones that made it to the history books and the others that did their part and lived and died quietly. 
In reflecting on giving thanks I remembered that many prayers start “We give thanks….”  I think Heavenly Father wants us to learn to be appreciative and to learn to be positive.  Gratitude is looking for the silver lining.  Some years are more prosperous.  Some you are just glad to be with the people you love.  Some it is hard to find a silver lining.  But when we open our hearts to gratitude we are able to see more to be grateful for, and are able to receive more good things.  Wishing everyone a contented  Thanksgiving.


  1. Thank you. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day too. I am thankful for freedoms I foresee may be slipping from our fingers, for my wonderful family and friends.

  2. I posted nearly the same message on FB. I treasure the "real" meaning of Thanksgiving. The gift of our country. With LDS insight we sure know how much we have to be grateful for and how hard we have to work to keep it.


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