Nov 17, 2010

In This Moment...

By Lynn Parsons

Most days, I see myself as a Muppet, screaming and waving my arms as I run from one thing to the next. Although it's gratifying to have many projects get done, I'm not sure this is how I want to live.

We all have periods of time when life gets crazy. When it's a brief burst brought on by special circumstances, it's best to just ride it out. But when you spend your time running from one crisis to the next, it's time to stop.

For example, today I needed to test a student to see if he needed special education services. He was absent yesterday, so I was pleased to see him before school. I called his teacher to tell her I needed to work with him, and she reported him absent. I immediately became concerned about his whereabouts. After searching for him, being waylaid by another parent, and finding out his father had picked him up and taken him home, I was exhausted. It was only 9:00. I did some paperwork and prepared for a meeting with another family. Then I prepared to test a different student, only to find out he was taking a test in class.

I became rather upset that I wasn't able to get any testing done and the day was half over. I spent the day racing from one project to another, making parent phone calls, working on reports, etc. When time to go home rolled around, I raced to the store, then home.

Well, I've discovered it's time to slow down. Many of the things I think I HAVE to do are not really that necessary. Time to stop, take stock, and set some priorities. Next step: learning to say "No!"


  1. You're right. We all need our "Walden" moments when we step back and take a long look at our priorities and refuse to let life rush us along.

  2. So True! I had to learn to say "I'm sorry. I have other commitments right now. But please feel free to ask me at another time." Why is that easier to say than that one word, "NO!" LOL

    A friend pointed out to me not long ago that taking on too much is another form of greed. We don't allow others to obtain the blessings from service because we feel we have to do it all. That was an enlightening thought! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Great reminder to slow down. And thank you Kari for the greed comment. Hindsight is also wonderful. It would be great to have hindsight before taking on a project so we'd let go of the unnecessary beforehand. It would make life simpler.

  4. There is a lot of guilt associated with saying no,even if you know it is right, but there is also a feeling of maturity, of control. Assertiveness. Like Iam a big girl now and can direct my own life. Life is too short. There have to be priorities.


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