Nov 14, 2010


by Marsha Ward

Some of my friends are doing a daily gratitude post on their blogs this month. I'm not, but thought this would be a perfect place to mention my gratitude for some of the blessings I enjoy.

High on my list of blessing to be grateful for are good friends who helped me keep it together this past week when I had a bit of a breakdown. There were those who had eyes to see when I made some cryptic noises on a day that was particularly hard for me. They rushed in, and although they were not in my vicinity, helped me get back equilibrium through emails and blog references and especially, prayers. I'm very grateful for these special friends. I'm grateful, also, for those, although they didn't know what was going on, who answered my plea for prayers, and immediately responded. I felt those prayers, and they were instrumental in helping me.

I'm grateful for the man I married, although sometimes I'm angry that he left me behind when he moved to the next sphere of existence. His love and support sustained me in my writing endeavors. He never tried to restrict my need to create, but made it possible, in so many ways, for me to write, and to inspire others to write. If I'm the mother of ANWA, Robert D. Ward, Jr. is certainly the father and benefactor.

I know women whose husbands are not so supportive, and I hope those men will someday come to know the joy of lifting up their wives through their support.

I'm grateful for the Internet, and pray that it will remain or become unrestricted in our nation and world. It has brought so many good people together to achieve great things. Nothing like it has been seen in the whole of mankind's existence on the earth. May we use it wisely and for good results. 


  1. Love you! I am very grateful for a supportive hubby. Thanks for bringing that to my awareness, Marsha. It's too easy to take some things for granted.

  2. I'm grateful to your husband, too, though I never had the chance to meet him. He gave you the freedom and support to write and the courage to form a writing community that now spreads across the country (and maybe beyond).

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. So many things to be grateful for. Thank you for having the vision and starting ANWA, and for all your support through the years.


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