Dec 1, 2010

Endings and Beginnings

By Lynn Parsons

Last summer, my baby went to college. After 28 years of raising children, I have to admit it was scary, but I adjusted pretty quickly. I really enjoy the visits from the children and grandchildren. But I also appreciate the quiet. I even started taking some classes.

Younger son is getting married in December. He's also graduating from BYU. He's looking for a job in civil engineering, but this is a terrible time to look for work. So, they may be moving in with us. The nest wasn't empty for long.

We are in a state of flux. Planning for Christmas in another state so we can attend the wedding, making plans for a reception here, and rearranging the house to make room for the newlyweds. My schooling continues, and another project is about to pop up. Wasn't this supposed to be the time of life when I was going to be bored?

After visiting with a friend whose child has multiple medical problems, I am reminded that my life is richly blessed. While complications arise, we are generally given what we need to make life smooth again.

I pray that at this holiday time, you can focus on your joys, enjoy family and friends, and discover what is truely important.


  1. Funny I was just talking to my dad last night about life's turns that throw you for a curve and he made a surprising suggestion. After I thought about it, I thought yes I'm going to take his advice. He'll be pleased.

  2. I hear you Lynn! Life is full of the unexpected. Recognizing what really matters makes all the difference in my stress level. You truly are blessed. hugs~

  3. At our house, we call it "one thing after another." It keeps life interesting. I think few people who are involved with life ever really have a time to be bored.

  4. Life never is what we expect, I guess.


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