Dec 16, 2010

Keeping A Tradition

by Joan Sowards

It has become a family tradition to send out an original Christmas song. By the end of November, I usually fret and scramble for a new holiday idea to write about. But I've discovered that some of the best ideas are the simplest ones, even at Christmas.

One Christmas about fifteen years ago, I wrote the following song. It is simple and straight from my heart, but is still one of my favorites. To me it holds the true meaning of Christmas.

A Christmas Prayer

We thank thee for sending thy Son,
The Holy One, the Holy One.
Born in a stable, He did come
To show the way, show us the way.
That sacred night one star shone bright
And angels sang as heaven rang
With joy, For He was born,
The world to save.

(Print sheet music for A Christmas Prayer)

This year's song is also simple--simple for me because my daughter wrote it.
The Whole World Is Sleeping. It is our Christmas gift to you.

New Years Eve will be my last post on ANWA Founders and Friends. Being a blogger here has been a lot of fun. Thank you to all who have visited and made comments.


  1. Your songs are beautiful, Joan. Thank you for writing them...and for sharing them so willingly. You have brought a great deal of joy into my life with your music. Thanks for commenting on my post, too. I was feeling a bit lonely!

  2. Thank you, Kari. Everyone is so busy getting ready for Christmas. It has been fun posting our blogs on the same weekends together. I could always depend on your comment, and I appreciate them!

  3. Lovely. While I have no talent for music, I do have a deep appreciation for it. Thanks for sharing some of your talent with me.

  4. Thanks Joan. Your songs touch the heart.

  5. I have to say ditto to what Terri said. I can see how you might not have time to blog here but I will miss you. I guess I will just have to make it over to your blog more often. Merry Christmas and thanks for being so generous and sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing your music and on this blog.


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