Dec 11, 2010

Christmas, Tomatoes and Strawberries

By Cindy R. Williams

Christmas is in the air, even here in sunshiny Arizona. My wonderful tomato plants in my balcony pots actually froze the other night. The strawberries are doing fine. The leaves, stems and fruits of both plants, yes tomatoes are fruits, are decked out in red and green finery, each as holiday festive as the other, but the strawberries win. Why is that? Are the strawberries hardier plants? Were they in a better location on the balcony –one that has less of a chilly breeze and more protected from the elements? The answer is probably a bit of both.

Writing is a lot like my tomatoes and strawberries. Harsh comments, critiques and rejection letters can cause us to doubt our ability to produce tomatoes. Sometimes we feel the cold bite from even those close to us whom lack understanding of how important writing is to our central core or being. Are we sometimes our own worst enemies and let our self-doubt turn our writing ability into ice? Do we allow adversity to freeze our creativity and leave us dormant and fallow for a time?

I challenge each of you to be more like my hearty strawberries and ward off frosty comments, discouragement and despair. This Christmas Season, let’s deck ourselves with the tenacity of these wonderful strawberries and push through the arctic front we all face at times.

Grow strawberries! Grow!


  1. I'm struggling to even weather the gigantic waves spilling over me. I feel more like the tomato, ha.

  2. I loved that I am struggling as a tomato I will try to gather enough energy to shape shift into a strawberry.

  3. Terri and Susan, both your comments made me giggle. I love tomatoes and strawberries both, but am trying to be more like a strawberry myself. I need to be tough and push on through this field of writing self-doubt.

  4. I love the analogy, Cindy. After I read this, I pushed the send button and sent in my essay to the Segullah contest instead of deleting it. At least now I can say I followed through and tried. Thank you!


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