Dec 29, 2010

Looking Out, Looking In....

By Lynn Parsons

As we look towards a new year, it's a good time for reflection. I've been thinking a lot lately about perspectives. I had loads of time to think as we drove from Texas to Utah to celebrate my son's wedding and Christmas--a two-day drive each way.

Perspective is a funny thing. When I was a newlywed, I could hardly wait to be an "established" married couple--with matching furniture, lots of experience serving in the Church, and a calm outlook on life. In fact, my visiting teaching companion, who has three small children, thinks my life must be very easy.

Well, my thirtieth wedding anniversary is tomorrow. You'd think I would be to the settled and calm place of my imagination! Not even close.....

 Although I recently became an empty nester, my time is very full. I work full time, started PhD classes last summer, and my first book, (dis)Abilities and the Gospel: A Guide for Families and Teachers, will come out in May.

My nest is also no longer empty as my newly-married son & wife have moved in until they find jobs.

These combined challenges are part of the reason this will be my last post. It's been a wonderful experience, but my focus needs to be on other things at this time.

Blessings on all of you as you look out on the adventures of life from your perspective. Just remember that things may not be what you imagine as you look in on others.


  1. It's like that...seasons of your life. And never like you planned. I had this vision from when I was about 18 and visited our stake president's home, that my future home would be just like that. Haven't made it there yet ha.

  2. Interesting. I had similar thoughts all week. During RS last week, a sister whom I admire and consider to be "all together" and multi-talented, spoke about her tendency to feel like she falls short and doesn't measure up to what she expected. I'm so glad we have the gospel teachings so that we can know who we are and what's most important. We all have a lot in common!

  3. I keep hoping to arrive at that place that I had planned to have reached by this time in my life. I guess even those that appear to have "arrived" are still striving like me.

  4. Happy anniversary, and amen to what you said about things not turning out the way you imagined. I'm an thankful though for a wonderful husband and family, and friends. They have made the journey worth it.


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