Dec 27, 2010

Best Melancholy Christmas Ever

By Stacy Johnson

At the risk of hurting the grandma's feelings, we took our kids to a cabin for the Christmas weekend.  Because I am feeling a strong need to pull my family closer to me lately, we packed our van tight as we could with a small tree, our gifts, some sleeping bags, snow gear, the kids and my laptop and took off north.

We had a fabulous weekend full of doing nothing.  Except for the cell service (which I can turn off next time), we were technologically unavailable for anyone but each other...and I loved it.  We watched movies, talked, cooked a wonderful Christmas dinner, played in the snow, built Lincoln log houses, and just relaxed.  I learned something about my kids and they learned things about themselves too.  Vance (18) learned that he really does like his family and he even said that I breed funny kids.  Marly (16) discovered she could function on much less sleep than she originally thought.  Drew (14) and Skylar (12) admitted to the fact that they are more alike than they knew.  Katy (9) and Tawny (7) can actually talk nice to each other while they play.  Anny (2) absorbed all kinds of attention from her older siblings who are rarely home long enough to notice her and Derek, who turned one the day after Christmas, grew up right in front of us.  He took off walking, he began folding his arms for prayers, and he even started saying "please" in sign language when he wanted something.

I cried some tears of joy and some tears of happiness as I celebrated the last Christmas with my oldest as a "child" and the first Christmas with my youngest.  I begin yet a new stage of life as I watch my birds begin to leave the nest.    This weekend is a memory forever etched on my heart and that is why it was the best melancholy Christmas ever.


  1. Stacy, thanks for the post. It sounds like this was a major turning point of a Christmas, a real heart-tugger.

  2. Wow 18 and 1? What a span. Great idea for Christmas...odds are they'll remember that one for years to come.

  3. What a great idea! Glad you pulled it off.

  4. It sounds like you made some great memories. May the next year also bring great memory opportunities.

  5. This sounds like the dream Christmas--cabin in the pines, being together. My children still remember Thanksgiving at a cabin. We went to bed with the world all green and woke up to a winter wonderland of white. Making memories is the best.

  6. Sounds like a Christmas dream come true! Good for you for listening to those promptings to bring your family closer together. Thank you for sharing this sweet and tender experience! hugs~ and a happy new year!


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