Dec 23, 2010

Magic and Sparkle

by Susan G. Haws

This time of year as I try to purchase and make gifts I am often frustrated.  As my tension mounts I feel my heart dehydrating.  To try and insure I don't end up with a shriveled prune in my chest and green fur covering my body,  I  take a minute or two to re-capture the traditional magic of the season now and again.  Reading this blog helps me regain my perspective, watching Christmas specials on TV  rejuvenates me.   For you it might be watching It's a Wonderful Life or reading Polar Express to your kids or even helping them set up a train set.   Personally, I enjoy listening to carols by the light of the Christmas tree.  I think that the sparkle that turns plain incandescent bulbs and garland into faerie lights and something special comes from our own souls and our determination to feel the magic and meaning.  I wanted to share some nice music to help you find that sparkle so I have included a video of Oh Holy Night by Jackie Evancho.  What do you do when you feel your inner Grinch possessing your body?  Wishing you peace and joy at Christmas.


  1. beautiful. Thank you and merry Christmas to you, too!

  2. I dvr and watch my favorite Christmas movies which these days are Jim Carey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Christmas with the Kranks. For some reason, I love those. Oh and dad and I always watch George C. Scott's A Christmas Carol and for some reason I loved Scooged...hmmm I think that's it.


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