Dec 26, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

by Marsha Ward

I hope that every reader has been enjoying a warm and wonderful Holiday Season, and that your New Year will be bright and hopeful, full of prosperity and blessings.

As always, each six months I give our bloggers the opportunity to indicate whether they will be able to remain with us, or if it's time for them to move on to other endeavors. Then I ask other members of ANWA if they are interested in joining our team. Once I get indications of interest, I make the determination as to who will be blogging with us in the next six months.

My last few months have been excessively busy. By all reason, I should have opted out myself, but then we'd have to find a new lead blogger, change the blog name, etc., so I'm still in the game. However, I've delayed taking care of business, so several of our team members are going to receive surprises (and probably be very relieved), when I contact them this week about a release from their labors. A similar number of ladies who probably have forgotten they said they'd like to join us, will receive a note in their email inviting them to become team members.

For sure, Joan, Lynn, and Valerie will be retiring. We will miss them, but know they have much to do and more to accomplish, so we're bidding them farewell from this blog.

I love a good mystery, so I'll keep you in suspense a while longer. Who will be saying goodbye, and who will be saying hello?

Is it you?

Editing to add some news: Our departing bloggers are Cecily Markland, Christine Thackeray, Joan Sowards, Lynn Parsons, Rebecca Irvine, Stacy Johnson, Tamara Passey, and Valerie Ipson. We will miss them, but we know they have other things to do.

Among our new blog team members are: Bonnie Harris, Wendy Jones, Kristin Baker, Kami Cornwall, Jolene Perry and Melinda Carroll. We're so happy to welcome them! 


  1. I don't guess so since I forgot to say whether I'm in again ha ha. I'm in for now. I didn't realize you had to stay in, hope that's ok with you.

  2. I'm glad you're in. I hoped you would consider another six months, so I counted you as continuing.

  3. I'm glad you are staying, too Terri! hugs~

  4. I am going to miss those that are leaving but it is exciting to get to hear from new people. The beauty of ANWA is that everyone is still here even if our roles change. Welcome, Bonnie, Wendy, Kristin, Kami, Jolene, and Melinda.


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