Dec 25, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas to all of you in Blogger Land.

Please share one of your Christmas Traditions.

The week before Christmas we have a Christmas Family Feast with my husband’s side of the family, including four generations. Each family brings an authentic Mexican food including; tamales, taquitos, chicken, beef and cheese enchiladas, chili rellenos, Mexican soup. My niche in the food department is "Mama Cindy's Salsa --Double Burning". If you love hot salsa, you understand about the double burn.

I write a sappy, rhyming treasure hunt poem for my family to follow on Christmas Eve. The treasure at the end is a pair of pajamas for each family member. We also read the Christmas story.

Happy Birthday Jesus and may each of you find peace, joy and love. Oh, and some chocolate too.

Please don't forget to post a family tradition in the comment section.


  1. My son and stepmother both were born on Christmas day, so for the last many years we have had a joint birthday party on Christmas evening at our house. It is a great ending to a wonderful day.

  2. Love your traditions. Growing up we also did the Christmas pajamas...and I did it for our kids for several years. Merry Christmas, Cindy. hugs~

  3. Thanks Joan and Kari for you comments. Oh, and Joan, I'm reading your book right now. In fact, I am loving their journey. I will blog about it on January 18 on

  4. Because I didn't end up with a family of my own, I decided to avoid sadness at Christmas, "my" family tradition would be no tradition. I'd do something different each Christmas. This one took the cake though...due to circumstances beyond my control (ha), I ended up cleaning house. That was a first and thankfully a last since next year it's on to something different.

  5. I like hot foods so I understand about the twice burning salsa. We had traditons when I was a kid but as an adult I don't have traditions since I don't have kids. (There have even been years when I didn't put up a tree.)I try to be flexible with the traditions of whom ever I am celebrating. One childhood tradition that I and all my siblings have incorportated into our own Christmas practices is: If you phone a relative try to be the first person to say "Christmas Gift." The receiving person has the advantage.

  6. We do our new year resolutions on Christmas eve, we call it our "gift for Jesus." We decided that doing it this way made our resolutionss more Christ centered and we focus on more spiritual things for the new year. We each write it down on a slip of paper and put it on our beautifully wrapped, but not sealed box that stays under the tree all season. I love this tradition.

  7. Susan and Terry, you are both heros! I love the "No Tradition" tradition and allowing each year to be new and different. Too bad about the house cleaning thing though. I'm glad that one isn't going to become a tradition!


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