Dec 31, 2010

The Lonely World of Blogging

By Joan Sowards

There is a satisfaction in keeping up a blog. It is a great outlet, a reason to write and share our lives with our friends, and a way for authors to let readers know about their novels.

But every blogger feels alone at times, waiting for a comment or a reader to stop by. Getting visitors is hit-and-miss.

After spilling feelings on cyber pages in an essay, or sharing the excitement of a new book or family news, we hope someone will take a moment to leave a comment, thus saying they care.

The sense of aloneness reminds me of a line from the musical 1776 when George Washington writes yet another plea for troupes and provisions, prompting the song “Is anybody there? Does anybody care?"

We become followers of so many blogs, but unless someone reminds us to come visit, most of us don’t return often.

This is my last blog on ANWA Founders and Friends for a while. It has been fun and I’ve enjoyed the push to write essays and poems.

So friends, happy blogging! Visit me once in a while on my blog and make me smile by leaving a comment. I’ll be back here to visit.


  1. Joan, I've enjoyed your posts, and all you've contributed here. Thank you. I look forward to your comments in future.

  2. I will miss seeing you here, Joan, but I will be sure to visit your blog. Love ya!

  3. Tflepihanks for all your shared words of wisdom!

  4. I'm typing too fast--my word verification word got typed into my messsage between the T and the hanks!

  5. You will be missed here. I love 1776 and have always identified with that phrase. I would never have thought that you or any of these other ladies on this site had that concern. Your work will continue to find more and more people that enjoy and care.


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