May 12, 2011

Thinking outside the box

by Susan G. Haws

Thinking outside the parameters of tradition is creativity in action.  Just in my lifetime technology such as cell phones, Skype, and watching movies on multi functional phones have gone from science fiction to everyday fact.  As a child I watched video conferencing phone calls on The Jetsons cartoon and pocket size communicators on Star Trek . That was way back when phones had cords connecting them to the wall; and TV was a handful of local channels with shows you had to watch in real time.  The new video games were a bouncing dot and opposing lines with which to hit it.  We have come quite a distance technologically in my life thus far.   My grandparents were born in the days of the  horse and buggy, they passed away in the days of the  space shuttle.  I think if we were to graph the technological advances since the beginning of time till now the line would look like a rocket heading for space.
What one person can imagine another can invent.  I love the i words:  imagination, innovation, invention.  I can't wait for non invasive scanning to move from diagnosing to curing in medicine.  I am equally wishing for the ability to teleport instantly from place to place. Can you say "beam me up Scotty?"  It would sure make traveling to see family, business travel, vacation travel easier. 
With all the disasters and turmoil in the world I worry we humans will destroy ourselves or usher in the Second Coming before we make my science fiction wishes reality.  Where do you see future? More like a Star Trek story or more like a post Apocalyptic reversion to less technological tools? What sorts of technology do you  wish for most?


  1. I wish for more time so I too can finish my books before the second coming comes. :)

  2. Mmmm, I love me some post-apocalyptic speculation! I'd love time travel, though. And teleportation would also be great.

  3. Two women after my own heart. Anna I have the same hope. Kristin every day I wish for time travel and teleportation. Thanks for the comments.


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