May 11, 2011

Random thoughts

by Kami Cornwall

I haven't been able to focus my thoughts lately with so many things going on so instead of choosing one topic I have chosen to share all of my random thoughts with you today. You're welcome.

1. Planning a trip to Disneyland is harder than I thought! There are so many choices and "packages" to choose. I don't want to get ripped off. Well, yeah...I realize what I'm saying. It's Disneyland.

2. Auditioning for a play is SO much funner when I'm the director. Maybe it's because I like telling people what to do, maybe it's because I'm not the one standing in front of everyone to be judged. Whatever the reason, the last few days have been so fun! I have to stop myself from saying, "You're going to Hollywood!"

3. Spring has finally peeked through the clouds here in the rainy northwest and though I am not fooling myself into thinking the rain is over by any means, I am really enjoying the sun for the first time in years. (Have you seen how white I am? The sun has long been my enemy.)

4. My son gave me a Hershey's kiss on Mother's day and I was reluctant to eat it. Not because I am trying to be "good" but because Lindor has spoiled me and now I no longer crave Hershey's chocolate. I've become a chocolate snob! Help me! Is this a condition that lasts long?

5. A friend of mine begged me to watch "Mad Men." I did. 3 episodes anyway. I don't know how to tell her that I didn't like it. It left me confused (not guessing in a good way), and angry with one of the main characters who cheats on his wife without thinking twice. I am guessing that I am supposed to be fascinated with the "1950-60's" lifestyle and mindset that the people had, but I think they got it wrong in a lot of ways. I have to tell my friend somehow that I didn't like her favorite show and don't plan to watch more. Hmmm.....

6. Some friends of mine encouraged me to tell my German friend to bring "Kinder eggs" back with her but she informed me (I had to look it up to believe her) that they have been banned by homeland security.
Because CLEARLY...a chocolate egg with a toy inside poses a serious threat. You will be fined $300 per incident. Is this the same group of people who phased out the "toy inside" the cereal box?

That is all.


  1. Oh no!! Kinder Eggs were so awesome! The little toys in them are totally cute. Crazy that they're banned. You'd think putting them through the x-ray machine would be fine.

  2. Sad isn't it, the state of the world?

    Loved that your son gave you a Hershey kiss. How sweet is that?

  3. Wow. Kinder eggs..really? That's so crazy. we had tons of fun with them when one of our kids took a choir trip to Europe.
    oh..and Lindor has me spoiled too. Chocolate snobs unite!

  4. I had never heard of Kinder eggs. Sounds cute. Shame the state of the world.
    How sweet of your son. Makes you want to hug him.
    Once you taste divine chocolate you realize what things can be. But you take what you can get and appreciate it for the level it is when that is what is available or decide to do without as you must have a higher quality for it to be worth the calories. Sometimes I choose one way and sometimes another.

  5. Is that what happened to the cereal box toys?? No fair! Hey, I've never seen Mad Men either, and have no desire to. Lots of those popular shows these days hold no appeal to me. Unless it's Doctor Who... ;)


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