May 29, 2011

Sprint or Marathon?

by Marsha Ward

Yesterday I had a great time at our church's Memorial Day Barbecue. It was a reminder that, from time to time, writers need to come up for air and socialize a bit. Not too often, mind you, or you'll never get back in the writing groove, but occasionally.

When I got home, I did a bit of "other work,"* then decided it was time to finish off the scene I began a couple of days ago.

I recently created a Facebook Group specifically for writers: those who want a companion egging them on during a sprint (short) writing burst, or a fellow-writer to help with the endurance trial of a marathon (long) writing session.

I'll admit that the idea of a place to call on other writers for fellowship during writing isn't original with me. I borrowed it from Tristi Pinkston and Karen Hoover. They have a much fancier place, but I like simple and functional. With the new functionality of Facebook Groups, I chose that venue.

If you want to join us, here's the Facebook URL to click on:

An admin will approve you to join.

*non-writing work


  1. Funny you should mention taking time off. I reached a point on Saturday morning where I just felt burned out. So while I was doing homemakingly things and watching the History Channel's America marathon (and later reading aloud to my hubby) I got a nice break. Seemed very normal. Also made me wonder what I was doing spending all my time at my computer in the basement. =D

  2. Great idea. I got to say I was very blessed to get a lady to take time to critique on the spot you might say at Karen's and Tristi's site. It was nice to get help in real time just when I needed it.

  3. Keeping us uptodate on what's available to help us out thanks Marsha. BBQ sounds good. Maybe I'll have that for dinner tonight since we had the great American hot dogs, chips and apple pie.

  4. That time off, or time out, applies to so many things. I am glad you were able to be refreshed and revived, Marsha! hooray!
    I look forward to more actively pursuing my writing goals in the sort of near future! hugs~


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