May 6, 2011

Sometimes... I get to be an agent...

I've given a lot of thought about being a literary agent as I've begun to query far and wide in the literary world.

And then. The other night. As my husband and I were walking through Barnes and Noble, I had an epiphany.

Every week, many agents look over hundreds of emails, and they hope to see something they love - to connect with something that's been written.

While I walked through the aisles of lovely, beautiful books, I realized that's exactly what I do. I'm looking through the shelves for something that I don't just like, but love.

The difference is that if I pick wrong, I'm out like 10 bucks.

If an agent picks wrong, it's a lot of hours of their professional life and credibility on the line.

Just something to think about.

Also, I'M IN UTAH AND IT'S GORGEOUS AND SUNNY AND I'M SO LOVING THIS!! And for all of my ANWA sisters in SLC for the writer's conference - I'll be seein' ya tomorrow :D


  1. Welcome to Utah, Jolene! Interesting thought you shared. Thanks! And thank you for bringing some sunshine with you! heehee

  2. SO true! We are agents in our own way. Great way of putting it.

  3. So true! Some of us are more picky about what we read than others!!

  4. I think it would be very hard to be an agent. Most of the time I fall in line with the crowd (ie Harry Potter) but then I can go off and like something totally off the wall (ie Christian fantasy).

  5. I like how you think, Jolene.


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