Sep 27, 2012

Brigham City Temple Dedication

June 2011--I took this shot from the hardware store across
the street while standing on a (gulp*) ladder. 

July 2011--the Angel Moroni had been placed on top a week or so
before I took this. This shot is taken from across the street at the
 June 2011--Brigham City Tabernacle
June 2011--taken from the south side of the
                    inside of the B.C. Tabernacle
By Susan Knight
Sunday was a special day for me. I attended the dedication of the Brigham City temple via satellite at my Stake Center.
I have followed the construction of the Brigham City temple since June of 2011.
I volunteered for the Tour de Cure which takes place there every year and I was able to discover the little town of Brigham City.
Being from back east, I had forgotten a temple was being built there.
As I drove through town, I couldn't miss it. I stopped at the hardware store where a man was standing on a small step ladder. He asked if I would like to stand on it to take a shot. You couldn't see it otherwise because of the wall that was up around it.
The next month I drove up to Idaho to visit my daughter and on the way back I stopped again to see that the Angel Moroni had been placed on top a week or so before.
During the dedication ceremony, President Boyd K. Packer mentioned he grew up in B.C. and went to a Stake Conference in the Tabernacle and heard President George Albert Smith speak. He said he sat about 3/4 of the way back on the south side of the Tabernacle.
I took a tour of the Tabernacle in 2011. It is, indeed, very beautiful inside--and out. I could picture perfectly the place where he sat during that conference as I listened to him relate that story.
I always enjoy hearing Elder Russell M. Nelson speak. He holds a place dear to my heart, ever since I heard him speak at a Stake Conference right after he was called as an apostle.
During the dedication prayer by President L. Tom Perry, we bowed our heads and closed our eyes, as he instructed us to do.
All of a sudden I realized tears were dropping into my lap. I didn't even know I was crying. I used my white handkerchief to dry my eyes, and, truth be told, I wish I could have used it to blow my nose, but settled for dabbing it instead. All around us we could hear sniffing--the loudest coming from the men.
I knew the Holy Ghost was there in my Stake Center. I felt like I was actually there, in the temple.
We stood and gave the Hosanna Shout, with our supposedly "clean, white handkerchief," though, I confess, mine was a little wet.
The choir sang the "Hosanna Song" by Evan Stephens, then we all sang "The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning." My daughter said it meant so much to her as she sang, "We'll sing and we'll shout." She said she got it! That's exactly what we did--just as they did in Kirtland and Salt Lake City during those temple dedications.
I'm so glad I could go and be part of the temple dedication. I am still reliving it.
I am forever grateful for my membership in the true church of Jesus Christ. It brings me so much joy.


  1. Thank you for sharing your tender experience Susan! I wish I could have been there! I look forward to the dedications of the Gilbert and Phoenix temples. Our daughter Brittany was able to attend and that makes me happy. Thank you for sharing your testimony, too. hugs~

  2. Thank you. I could picture it in my mind and my heart. Next year, we will dedicate the Gilbert Temple which is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

  3. What a beautiful thoughtful thing to share...thx. Out where I am we get giddy at the thought of a temple near us. Please oh please let Pensacola get one soon.


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