Sep 5, 2012

Goal setting

by Jill Burgoyne

As a mother of two little ones with one on the way, I find myself at home more than 90% of the time. I have learned not to mind. One thing that I have learned to use and that has kept me going, is to actually set goals and check them off.

One drastic difference and difficulty about motherhood, is that there is no dean's list. No  one gives out certificates for "Edible food", "1000th load of Laundry" or "12th diaper today". Where once, I was recognized for my professional manner and prestigious grades, I have nothing to gauge myself on. I used to have sort of accounting sessions with myself where I would assess different areas of my life, classes, church stuff, family stuff, and I had grades, medallions and other such evidence that I was progressing. Not to mention, I had friends and teachers to recognize me and tell me I was doing well.

Life has changed. And I recently discovered a wonderful tool to combat the lack of progression I felt. (Whether true or not.) And I created new areas of growth that I wanted to progress in and set different goals in each area. My areas right now, are: parenting, finances, homemaking, academics, genealogy, church calling, relationship with husband, spirituality, physical fitness, and writing. These are the areas I've identified that I want to progress in. I make one goal a month in each area.

As a wise man once said: Goals help us realize our potential.

Three Keys to Goal setting:
 1. Setting goals you are motivated to make. Why make a goal you don't care about?
2. Setting challenging and yet realistic goals. What energy, time and resources are realistic for you to keep your goal?
3. Committing to keep them. If you aren't going to work for your goal, why make it at all?

When I realize that one of my goals is too challenging and I don't have energy or time to complete it, I re-evaluate and set a goal more in my reach.

The entire reason behind goal setting is to reach our potential. I've learned that goal setting and reaching gives me a personal fulfillment that brings joy.

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  1. The new school year always has me reevaluating and setting new goals. I have learned to love the journey and be less concerned about "the accomplishment". It's less about what I do and more about who I am becoming. Thanks for the great post and wonderful reminder! hugs~


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