Sep 10, 2012

Of New Things and Late Blog Posts

By Claire Enos

Last night I was planning on writing up the blog post I needed to post for today, but things happened and somehow I ended up moving to a new apartment Sunday night and didn't get to bed until nearly midnight. I left for class today an hour early, to time myself walking to my first class of the day on my first day back to school. It wasn't until I was in my second of four classes that I remembered I still needed to write a blog post. I even wrote myself a note! But I didn't look at the note, which probably isn't a good thing. So here it is, three minutes to the end of the day and I'm just barely typing up my post. Sometimes life just seems to get away and one minute you have in mind what you need to do and the next you are barely able to think straight.

My classes are amazing, my teachers are awesome, and I can't wait to start a new day! I promise I'll write an amazing blog post for my next day! (Or at least, I'll try!)

In conclusion: I'm starting new classes, I've got amazing teachers, and lots to do in order to get set up here at BYU-Idaho and I'm extremely sorry I didn't get this written sooner!

Love all of you!



  1. It's ok. It happens to me once in a while. RL seems to intrude on our better intentions.

  2. Yes it does. I should write a note on my laptop next time I get that email, reminding me to write the blog and schedule it ahead of time.

  3. Good luck with your classes! I'm a wee bit envious! hugs~

  4. Thanks Kari! They're going well so far! No F's yet at least. <3Claire


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