Sep 7, 2012

What Writer's Do

Poor kid.  I didn’t mean to wear him out, but I found this old vintage coloring book of birds at the thrift store and my four year-old son Reef has spent the last few days coloring every single page.  
Here he is passed out on my bed in the middle of the afternoon.
When he woke up, he suggested we hang them up on the wall near our kitchen table.
Reef’s attention to detail is growing.  He spends hours each day coloring or writing his name, which many times looks like Feer or Free (he seems to still get the letters out of order, but it’s cool knowing his name mixed up spells free).
He also brings me papers with letters he’s written down, asking “What does this spell?”
“That spells hex-pres,” I tell him and he is overjoyed with delight.
“What about this one?” and he points to another section of his paper.
“That spells fugus,” and he giggles.  He then repeats it back to me.  I think it makes him feel very smart.
He doesn’t even know what it means, he’s just happy to write it and he's happy to have it read by someone.

Isn’t that how we feel; just happy to write what we write because at the end of the day, we think it’s pretty cool too.  We especially like when someone else reads what we've written.  That's the best!
I think I might be raising a fellow writer.


  1. That is sooo cool. It reminds me of a time when my daughter & her 3yo daughter were staying with me. I had a habit of doing the cross word puzzles in my TV guide. I would sit there working on it and be all proud of being able to fill out the squares.

    One day I went to get my puzzle and found all the squares filled with perfect little o's. It was so amazing that she could make them so perfect and little. I showed her mom that she had done my puzzle for me. she was so proud of herself. I kept that book for a long time. :O)

  2. Feeling smart never grows old! The wonder of learning is pretty incredible. Sharing our learning with others is extra nice.

  3. Love that! What a cutie. It is a joy to witness the learning process. And yes, it does feel great to write things!


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