Sep 24, 2012

College Life and Cooking Gluten Free

By Claire Enos

This semester I'm rooming with a really good friend from Winter Semester. She was my roommate last winter, and that's how we met. The big thing about Hannah that you should know, is that she is over 6ft tall (ok, that's not so important, but I'm under 5ft so I feel it's important!) and she was diagnosed with Celiac's her freshman year of high school. It took a little time getting used to living with her and not baking with flour around her but I feel it has been a really good learning experience for me, because now I know how to cook gluten free. I feel like she has been a blessing to me and that God sent her to live with me for a reason! 

Now, on to Fall Semester 2013. A few months ago, back in April, we applied for a contract together at a new apartment complex kitty corner from the Stadium here at BYU-Idaho. We never dreamed that there would ever be a problem with us rooming together or even with our roommates. However, when our apartment manager found out a couple weeks ago right before we moved in, that Hannah had Celiac's she seemed really worried about us rooming with the girls we were assigned to. She had us with a couple Culinary Arts Majors and she was worried it would be too hard on Hannah to live with them. She didn't want Hannah to get sick or something this semester and she felt responsible. She tried moving us down to the first floor, but the girls in that apartment threw a fit and Chelsey, our manager, moved us back up to the fourth floor where we were supposed to be. The Saturday after we moved in, Chelsey tried moving us down to the second floor, but the girls in that apartment worked things out and we didn't end up moving that day. The next day, after church, Chelsey came to find us again. Some girls in a different apartment on the second floor were having problems and needed to move, so we ended up trading apartments with two of the girls the day before classes started.

That's how we ended up with our current roommates! That first night we were in this apartment, we talked to the girls in our apartment (all 18, except Hannah and I who are 20) about Hannah being Celiac. We discussed the "rules" of living with someone who has Celiac. 

Today, is our first Home Evening with our Home Evening Group of the semester, and one of our roommates decided to make Gluten free Devil's Food Cake for the activity! Then, of course, Hannah had to make Gluten free Rice Krispy Treats as well. So, I thought I'd post the story (so far) and some picture of gluten free treats we've made! Have an amazing night! Love you all!!! 

 I'm not going to claim to be an expert on cooking Gluten Free, but my roommate Hannah is! So, if you ever have any questions about cooking Gluten Free feel free to ask and I'll answer as best as I can. I'll ask Hannah if I don't know the answer myself!


PS: We took these to Home Evening and didn't tell them it was Gluten Free. They loved them! We told them they were Gluten Free afterward and why. We feel this is a success!


  1. A life long lesson. Just today a sister called lamenting that she and her family now deal with three food allergy/restriction crisis for life. Diabetic, wheat(which walks hand-in-hand with gluten-free, and corn. Eeks! You'll be so glad you have this under your belts early in life. It took me years to figure out my dietary needs.

  2. My name is Hannah and I am the tall roommate with celiac disease. I am fine with answering any questions you have, but for a heads up white rice krispies are not gluten free you must have the gluten free rice krispies. I don't want anyone to get sick if they are reading this.


  3. I should have mentioned that in my post, but I forgot. Glad I had Hannah read the post after posting!

    Shaunna: I'm glad I'm learning this early on as well! I'm so grateful to have the chance to get to know Hannah, especially since shortly afterward my sister found out she has a Gluten Intolerance. Since I'd been living with Hannah for 3 months I was able to help her out with that! (With some help from Hannah).

  4. I am not familiar with celiac disease but know several people with dietary restrictions. The cake and treats look yummy. What are some good gluten free recipe resources?

  5. Great post. Thanks for the heads up and suggestions.
    ~Joyce S.

  6. Susan, I'll get back to you on that when Hannah gets back from Waterpolo practice! She has a few resources she uses. I personally usually just google recipes or use the ones she's used for our meals.

    Joyce: Thanks! And no problem! I've noticed a lot of people having dietary restrictions lately, so I've been doing a lot of research. My brother is vegetarian, my sister has a Gluten Intolerance and a few other dietary restrictions for other reasons, and then we have a lot of allergies in my family, so I've become used to (in the last year or two) adjusting to the dietary needs of the people I'm cooking for. It's been quite an experience!


  7. Good for you Claire! There are several amazing websites/blogs that give great recipes on cooking gluten free. I made blueberry muffins a couple of weeks ago with coconut flour and almond flour. My dil made gluten free brownies with cauliflower and almond flour and coconut flour. You do have to make sure the cocoa is from a glutin free environment. My cousin and a close friend have celiac disease. There are more and more products available at the stores now too. Thanks for the great post! Glad you finally settled in!

  8. Awesome that it finally worked out right, bet HF had a hand in that one.


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