Sep 29, 2012

Writer Be Wear

by Cindy R. Williams

Straw pole time:  What do writers wear to write?

I'll start.

Late at night, when I'm living up to the name ANWA (American NIGHT Writer) and writing at night while the family is nestled in their beds, I wear comfy P.J.'s.  If I get an early start in the morning, said P.J.'s serve just fine, otherwise I can usually be found in Capri's and a comfy top. "Comfy" is my key word in my writing attire.

Your turn . . .

(Update on eating healthy . . . four pounds have gone. Where do they go? Where ever it is, I don't want them to come to visit again, that's for sure.)


  1. Fun! I sit with my pj's, soft shirt and heater at my feet. I have noticed I am more productive when I wear my contacts. The glasses are a distraction.

  2. Shorts and a t-shirt yes def something comfy

  3. Definitely pants, pjs...
    Although I have a client who has requested we skype when we work together on his projects. I'm trying to figure out how to get comfy and professional at the same time. Suggestions are welcome! And congratulations on releasing those four pounds! woohoo!

  4. Leesa, sounds like you live in a colder climate. Terri, agree with the comfort thing. Kari, how about yoga or pj bottoms and a nice top. Your client can't see below the waste right? And it's six pounds now!!!

    1. Good idea...and you go, Cindy girl! woohoo!


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