Dec 30, 2013

A New Years to Remember

By Claire Enos

Well 2013 has been quite the year: 
Gained a few friends, 
           Lost a few, 
Had my first kiss.............................And my first boyfriend, 
My first (and hopefully only) Heartbreak. 

I rang in 2013 with Family and Laughter (and sleep!!) 
I rang in 2014 with Friends, Dancing, and Laughter!!! 

May 2014 have much less drama and a whole lot more
And                            Friends GALORE. 

Here's to the New Year!! 
*holds up wine glass of sparkling cider, and takes a sip* 

My best friend Nikki and our friend Virgle and me at the New
Year's Eve Dance!

My cousin Sharon dancing at the New
Year's Eve Dance!

Me all dressed up for the New Year's
Eve Dance!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, even if it was late! I love New Year's! Have a GREAT 2014!!


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