Dec 7, 2013

Diamonds on a Dark Background

by Cindy R. Williams

"I am so aware that the world is changing and will be vastly different from the one I have known . . . A moral blackness is settling in. In many ways our young people are the hope of the future, like valuable diamonds that shine better against a dark background."  President James E. Faust, Second Counselor in the First Presidency. Ensign, June 2006


I was a friends jewelry party last week. It was fun because everything was $5.  As I walked around the tables set up in her front room and kitchen, most of the jewelry hung on black velvet display boards. There were several gorgeous necklaces chosen to drape over the three black velvet cut out upper chest and neck displays. The faux diamonds glittered and sparkled beautifully against the dark background. using the black background was certainly a great marketing tool to show off the jewelry and I found myself desiring many of the pieces. Now did I need them? No, did I want them? Yes. Did I buy them? I am happy to say I chose only one, the one I felt would work best with my wardrobe.

The point here is what President Faust said in 2006 makes perfect sense.  "Valuable diamonds that shine better against a dark background."

Our youth are not "faux" diamonds. They are valuable and true diamonds on our earth. They will stand out against the background of today's confused humanity. They will be a beacon of hope and carry the banner of salvation through Jesus Christ to all the world.

There is great hope in our future as we focus on those bright shining diamonds against the worldly background.

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  1. I love that quote, Cindy, and your analogy. Goodonya for self-control, too! We do having amazing youth preparing to lead us into the future. It gives me great hope!


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