Dec 14, 2013

An Influence for Good

When I was in college at Utah State and just newly married, I worried about my cooking skills. They were mediocre, to say the least. Sometimes we shared recipes in Relief Society, for which I was very grateful.
We had a Stake Relief Society President, Sister Miner, who was round and jolly and loved the young sisters she shepherded. She knew that many of us were just beginning our married lives and didn't have a lot of expertise in cooking, so once a quarter she would hold a class on a Saturday morning to demonstrate omelets, bread making, or whatever we had questions about.
I vaguely remember attending many of her culinary events, but one stands out in my mind with crystal clarity. This Saturday she was demonstrating candy making. We learning about nougat centers and dipping chocolates--even cherry chocolates. She showed us how to make marshmallows with a variety of flavors.
But the best came last. She cooked a simple English toffee recipe that only took about 10 minutes to complete and was to-die-for delicious. I went home to try it and was glad I'd watched the demonstration because as the candy cooked, it needed to begin to 'smoke' before it came off the high heat.

 I was nervous about my first try, but it turned out great, and I was the hit of our Friday night social that week.

I have made the candy every Christmas since, and family and friends have raved about it. I decided to post it on my Connections blog last year and was amazed at the number of hits it got. I couldn't believe it when the numbers reached 20,000. I thought that was astounding. But that wasn't the end. Soon the numbers climbed to 50,000, and then 80,000, and finally 90,000.

 Here's the link:

Now many people all over the world are enjoying sweet Sister Miner's cooking expertise. I could not have imagined that from a single Saturday morning class something like this could happen. I wish everyone who tries her candy could bask in the warmth of her friendly manner and be influenced by her sweet testimony of the Savior.
I love her for teaching me how to cook, but I love her more for the testimony she shared. Many have felt her influence for good. I hope she's watching all this from Heaven because I send her my love.


  1. OH my, what great memories you brought back to my mind! Most of my recipes are still in storage in Utah...and I was looking for a good, easy toffee recipe. Thank you for sharing! hugs~

  2. I forgot to mention that I have a similar story...only the recipe was for eggrolls. Still a family favorite!

    1. I would love your egg roll recipe. Thanks for the comments.

  3. I've made three batches of your toffee and taught my college girls how to make it. I will get the egg roll recipe to you! hugs...and Merry Christmas!


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